After almost 30 years of killing, raping, and slaying music, it seems like there is no end in sight of the almighty Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR! I got a chance to catch up with lead singer, Oderus Urungus about their new album Battle Maximus out September 17th on Metal Blade Records, new guitar player Pustulus Maximus, and current GWAR events.

As soon as I asked my first question, I knew that I was fucked and immediately feared for my life.

If you could kill and/or rape any person living or dead, who would it be and why?
You know, that is the single most asked question that I get and now that it has been asked so many times, because of how sick I am of that question, [my answer] is


Oh no!
Why do you think we’d want to kill any human for any other reason other than the fact that they are human retard babies that we created by fucking apes that we now have to fucking wipe out. It’s our mistake and we’re taking responsibility for our mistake. We’re going to have to retroactively abort the entire fucking race. So, I guess I forgive you for now; it’s cool, I’m not suppose to kill members of the press. They keep telling me that. OK, OK, I’m gonna chill out.

Smokin’ some weed. Smokin’ some wax, smokin’ some wax out of my smokeless pot, smoking electronic pot smoking device. What ever happened to joints, maaan?

How many people did GWAR have to kill and rape to make the new album, Battle Maximus?
Oh, a whole bunch! I mean, there’s not a number that could go that high, obviously. I guess we’d have to invent a number and I guess I’d have to say it’d be eleven billionty trillionty. How ’bout that?!

Yeah, that’s a good one. Seems accurate.
Yes, very. I mean you could break it down a little to a few gazillions.

GWAR just got a new guitar player, Pustulus Maximus. How much creative input will he have on the new record?
Oh he had a ton. He wrote many of the riffs, many of the songs, a ton of the leads. He waged musical war on the other members of his clan, the Battle Maximus, in order to assert dominance over the rest of his tribe to assume the position of the one who would follow in the footsteps of the mighty Flattus Maximus. Ya know, he wrote “Madness at the Core of Time,” which is the first song after the intro on the record. It’s a fucking masterpiece when you think about it. The guitar style is literally crazed. He’s definitely as insane and talented as Flattus, but a sicker, more abrasive quality to it. He’s truly obnoxious. Where as Flattus was more our gentle giant,

Pustulus is a real fucking asshole!

Was there any sort of process for initiating Pustulus into GWAR?
Well, I mean, it wasn’t so much of an initiation process … more like a holocaust. Just an exploding onslaught of boiling plasma and methodic slaughter that erupted on the plain of war [where] various members of the Scumdog tribes fought each other for dominance. I witnessed the battle from afar. I didn’t really want to get involved with something the Maximus had to work out themselves.

I heard he has a hard time hearing. Did that get in the way of making the new album?
Oh absolutely not. He can feel the music on many different levels of empathy other than mere hearing. I mean hearing is fine and all, but I’d rather be fucking stone deaf and experience the entire band through my Cuttlefish. Have sex with the music if you would. Make love with the music.

I’ve heard you might be a bit of a football fan, with the 2013-14 NFL season underway are you excited or even a fan?
I assure you that I have no interest whatsoever in the NFL other than the fact that that one team, the Redskins, have such a hilarious name! (laughs) But our slaves do follow this sport for some reason. I guess it’s the most savage one you have on the planet. The sports in outer space make football look pretty tame. I must admit I have a certain fascination with it. You humans, after all, are our children.

You were created by us having sex with the apes and sometimes the games you play amuse us. So yeah, I’d have to say I’m a big Skins fan.

What kind of sports do you guys have in outer space?
Well, in outer space the only really big sport that we have is one called war. It’s basically all we do. It’s the ultimate sport, the ultimate game itself. It’s pretty much all we do is make war. That and just fuck each other senseless.

(Oderus strays away and starts talking to someone else on the other end)
I’m really sorry about that. Let’s get back to it.

Yeah sure.
Balsac [the Jaws of Death] came barging in and tried to shove shit down my throat. Can you believe that? He’s just like, “You put down everything you’re doing, I’ve got to take a dump!” and rears his ass in my face. How rude!

That’s outrageous!
Now what the hell were we talking about?

I was just going to ask you about the 4th annual GWAR-B-Q you guys held recently. Can you tell me about its origins and whose idea it was?
Well it was something that the slaves would do to amuse themselves when we weren’t persecuting them and making them obey our every whim. They would throw these parties for themselves called GWAR-B-Q and invite GWAR fans and they would all get together and go rub their dicks, have their little circle jerks, make some hamburgers, hot dogs, try to get the girls drunk and have sex with them. We saw that there was some potential in this event. So we made an event that would draw thousands of humans to it, that GWAR could actually play at, and stage the ultimate act of summer slaughter supremacy. What once was a party for slaves has become GWAR’s annual metal festival held in Richmond, Virginia. This year’s was a smashing success. It was probably twice as big as last year’s; we sold tons of GWAR beer, GWAR-B-Q sauce, the line-up of bands was amazing, people were taking shits in the woods. It was by far the best one yet. I’m sure next year’s will be twice as fucking good!

Have you guys ever thought about making it a multiple-day festival?
We’ve thought of everything, son. But right now we’re basically going to make the bands come to us. We waste a lot of time going from place to place. If we could just get everyone to come to us, then we wouldn’t have to waste any time getting to you and then we could kill more of you, then we could just have the GWAR-B-Q going on all the time.

Who put up a better fight: Jesus or the Devil?
Jesus, because he kept coming back. Ya know the Devil, I had to beat a lot of his servants. And by “beat” I mean “kick the living shit” out of them. But Jesus, you gotta kill him, nail him to a cross, rip his guts out, rip him in half, and for the most part he comes back as cyborg Jesus. You rip his head off and he’s still coming at ya. Jesus is one tough mother fucker. I give it up to Jesus, big ups to Jesus, I’m not even sure I killed him this time.

What can fans expect from the upcoming fall GWAR tour and who will GWAR be facing this fall?
What you can expect from the fall tour is the most insane brand of killer fucking show GWAR has ever fucking done before. We’ll be touring behind Battle Maximus, our brand new album on Metal Blade Records. Tells a whole new story. In this chapter in the story of GWAR the insidious Mr. Perfect comes through time to steal my balls! Plus, it is an honorific and heartfelt tribute to our departed Scumdog, Flattus Maximus. It’s a fucking kick ass record!!

Awesome!! I look forward to it. Oderus, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.
Well thank you, human. It’s been great talking with you.

You’re a very polite, nice young man, and I look forward to reducing your body to bloody pulp.

Thank you very much, Hail GWAR!!! Get ready for the Battle Maximus!!


Alive culinary pancake performance metal yogi chef from Providence RI, still not loud enough, still not fast enough, where’s my tall boy?


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