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In the age of social media, it’s hard to be truly surprised by anything, especially tours. Before Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” wrapped, I knew all of her outfit changes and her entire set-list and when Rihanna did that whole seven countries in seven days disaster, I saw all of the footage on YouTube before it officially aired in the United States. As for Beyoncé’s ”Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,” I’d followed that along with the rest of the world on Instagram and Facebook, watching as Queen Bey uploaded the albums from each city–using her designated photographer, of course, ever since that whole Super Bowl Halftime show fiasco.


Point is, it’s hard to be surprised by an artist nowadays but, as we now know with the surprise-release of the Beyoncé album and its subsequent status as platinum a mere week and a half later, it can still be done.

That said, it was kind of hard for our Honey Bee to top her sleeper cell of an album when her show returned to Boston on Friday. Mrs. Carter didn’t have anymore surprises for those in attendance at the Garden (apparently saving the surprises for the people at Walmart earlier that day); for those wanting a complete track-list of her new album, we’ll have to catch the next tour–which will hopefully be called “Yoncé’s Freak-Nasty Feminist Sexapalooza.” Or something.

Beyoncé stuck to the ol’ MO when it came to the tour, opening her set with “Run the World (Girls)” and sampling songs from albums and Birthday. But, keep in mind, her “ol’ MO” is being give a fan-fuckin‘-tastic performance. I mean, Bey even hit the crowd with some Destiny’s Child! She performed “Survivor” to my immense delight and to the people who I almost hit with my elbows’ immense displeasure.

And I’ll be damned if anybody seeing the show (first-timers and second-timers alike) had a single complaint that night. Other than my almost-elbows to the face during “Survivor,” that is.

Costume changes throughout the night were punctuated by short video clips and dance breaks – including ballerinas and the amazing, incomparable duo Le Twins. Yoncé’ closed the night  out with “XO”.

“This was written for the fan,” she said, walking the expanse of the stage, her glorious blonde wig rippling in waves behind her like a cape.

Photo Credit: Robin Harper

I was sort of hoping to see the more human, raw Yoncé she revealed on her latest album–the one who talks blatantly of her postpartum depression after the birth of Blue Ivy and her feelings of jealousy in regards to her relationship with Mr. Carter. But, then again, whether we’re talking Sasha Fierce or Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, it’s like comparing apples to apples. Whether you prefer one or the other, you’re still getting something pretty fucking sweet. And Beyoncé gave Boston a goddamn show Friday night and that’s really all we could ask of a Queen, anyway, am I right?

Bow down.


Jasmine Lopez is an English major at Bunker Hill Community College. She is a professional human being and fangirl who enjoys creating drinking games for Tarantino films and daydreaming about traveling around in the TARDIS. She hopes to some day write a biography that will adequately describe her.

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