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DIG THIS: 5.7 – 5.14

Photo by Nick Minieri 

THU 5.8
The Ghosts In Our Machine
animal advocacy

Making one stop in the Boston area, this award-winning film begs the question, “Are non-human animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights?” We saw that you googled “handsome firefighter saves cute kitten from fire video,” so we know you care.

Kendall Square Cinema. 1 Kendall Sq., Cambridge. 7pm/$12, $10 students.

THU 5.8
Women In Comedy Festival
no boyz aloud

After we wrote about the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival last week, Mayor Marty Walsh declared May 3 “Eugene Mirman Day.” So we fully expect May 9 to be named “Amy Sedaris Day.” Or perhaps “Kickass Women of Comedy Weekend.” Either way. It’s your move, Marty.

Multiple Locations. THU 5.8 – SUN 5.11. Visit for ticketing and full schedule.

SUN 5.11
The Wizard of Oz
not that guy again

In January, Somerville Theatre kicked off a centennial celebration and it’s closing with a screening of The Wizard of Oz and a special vaudeville performance. Hopefully this includes flying monkeys hurling bottles of champagne at each other. We’ll see you in the lobby.
The Somerville Theatre. 55 Davis Sq., Somerville. 6pm/$10.

MON 5.12
Beat Research @ Beat Research
grade a

Y’all underage folk have eagerly tested those Maine and Florida fake IDs with the Good Life’s wise door men for a long time without succes. You’ll be glad to hear the GL is opening up to the 18+ crowd as part of Together Boston for one night only to showcase the work of some very talented MassArt students. Unfortunately booze is still only for the 21+ crowd. Because ‘Murica.
Good Life. 28 Kingston St., Boston. 9pm/18+/FREE.

MON 5.12
The Literary Roast
boozy bookworms

Head to Oberon for a night of literati bashing featuring writer Sam Cha “infinitely jesting David Foster Wallace,” drag king Allix Mortis “alluding to James Joyce,” dancer Jane Doe “fighting and clubbing Chuck Palahniuk,” as well as a bevy of other word nerds and Boston-based performers making wonderfully inappropriate puns at your favorite author’s expense.
OBERON. 2 Arrow St., Boston. 8pm/$12-25.

WED 5.14
HNDMD presents Sophie
numbers game

Sophie, the elusive and enigmatic London-based producer, is bringing a dynamic live synth set to the monthly HNDMD party, joining Ali Berger, Nick Garcia, Kidd Drunkadelic, and dumka. This is the guy who said making music is about “getting to the molecular level of a particular sound.” To be honest, we aren’t exactly sure we’ve ever gotten there—but it sounds delicious.

Middlesex. 315 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. 9pm/21+/5+.



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  1. Kate Kate says:

    The Women in Comedy Festival sounds fun! I missed it last year!