Kyle B.


“Outta control, melt your fucking face off,” rolls the party paraphernalia mantra of Kyle B., MassArt design student by day, local club-night flyer god by night. With a spastic, otherwordly style characterized by “early ’90s/late ’80s design; super bright colors, abstract shapes,” Kyle wields his penchant for uncanny elements like “girls, fucking palm trees, pyramids, nebulas everywhere.” Sparkle and fade.

The gig kickstarted when his fellow “art-dork” friend from high school, Justin Cameron (aka Justincredible), needed a flyer for the opening night of his party, Black Magic. Since then, his belt’s been notched by many a party, with over a year’s experience producing unmistakable graphics (print and video) for nights including Thunderdome, Sweat, Banger and Basstown.

“I love the Sweat flyers,” Kyle explains, showing me a sneak peek of November’s green-glowing template of intergalactic disco dames staring with laser eyebeams into oblivion. “They let me do whatever I want—up my alley, straight-up bangers.”

After seeing hundreds of Boston promotional materials, from mind-blowing to ill-knowing, Kyle lets on a few words of wisdom. “Pay the extra money,” he says. “It’ll pay off,” referring to haphazardly designed materials. “You might as well have a good branding. It’s all about implementing logos, about continuity. Boston kids want to get to that level, establish clout about themselves.

“Boston is a really resourceful city,” he continues. “You go out and fucking party, and everyone in a nightclub has talent, does something.” Hitting his friend’s nights brought him more friends and more gigs (“the city comes about”), leading to bigger projects—most recently the album design layout for DJ Die Young/Baltimoroder split 12-inch. “I met those guys just by going out.”

But the true advantage to being flyer god is, “I get to party for free, man!” Accordingly, there are almost zero drawbacks.

“Hangovers,” he smiles. “That’s it.”




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