For recent college graduates [Sorry!—Ed.], the question is not how quickly are you going to start writing for free but rather where do you want to write for free? The options abound.

Most recently, Patch, AOL’s hyperlocal webternet, announced that they too are looking for people to write for free. Editor-in-Chief Brian Farnham made the declaration that all Patch editors were expected to sign five to 10 new bloggers by May 4 for a total of 8,000.

Let’s check in on some of these unpaid bloggers, shall we?

Melissa C. McCue of Somerville Patch has some tips for all you dog-lovers out there. “Rain, Rain Go Away!” was her most recent post:

Urgh what a terrible week for going outside with the pups! How on earth do you keep your sanity and get your dog(s) exercised when it’s been raining for a week? Let’s not even mention the “wet dog” smell …

Anna DeLeo in Charlestown Patch proclaims that “Social media is here to stay” in a post titled “Top Five Reasons Social Media Belongs In Professional Services Firms.”

Of the South End Patch bloggers, Ellen Wells is having the most fun in Amsterdam. “A Lovely Day in Amsterdam Part 1,” published 10 days ago goes like this:

It may be raining and a bit chilly here today, but I love every minute I spend in Amsterdam. And I love everything about it—the cheese, the beer, the bikes, the people, the canals. The cheese. Did I mention how wonderful Dutch cheese is? You get my point. Oh yeah, and cheese.

Over at Braintree Patch, we have a blog from Therese Murray, the president of the Massachusetts State Senate and one from Ilene Hills. Can you guess which wrote “Cha Cha Cha Chia!”?

The fact is most of these bloggers have ulterior motives—aka already have jobs. Newton Patch’s Joan Koffman writes about real estate. “OK, so you know my affliction,” she writes. “I’m crazy for houses, a true realestateaholic.”

That might be because she is a partner at the real estate law firm Koffman & Dreyer. The Urgh-able Ms. McCue is a CPDT-KA. Our proud Chia supporter is Ms. Ilene Hills [did you guess wrong?—Ed.], who owns a business called Healthy Appetites.

So graduates! It’s easy to get a job writing for AOL for free … all you need to do is already have one.

TURNS OUT THAT YOUNG MEN DON’T LIKE LISTENING GOBBELDY-GOOK from bloviated ideologues. Especially if those politically motivated bigmouths are spewing from a fuzzy, static-filled AM frequency.

That was the bad news that WEEI-AM (850) learned from April’s radio ratings. As Jessica Haslem (hi Jess!) reported on her MediaBiz blog at, among 18 to 34-year-old male listeners, 98.5 The Sports Hub was the #1 station for the desirable demographic. WEEI-AM tied for 14th place with, ironically enough, Oldies 103. Both old folks radio stations scored a 2.1 share.

Entercom’s “Sports Radio Leader” drew a microscopic .2 share in the Providence market, and that station is on the FM dial—leading us to believe that its the blowhards who have an even bigger problem than the excruciating amplitude modulation they mouth-breathe into.

THERE’S EVEN MORE EVIDENCE THAT IT’S JUST the raging older white men who are starting to lose steam. Arbitron ratings also prove that Rush Limbaugh, the reigning king of rage-tastic old angry white men has seen a precipitous drop in his own numbers.

Since November, Limbaugh had a 33 percent drop in his ratings, which follows another 33 percent drop from last April. The Sean Hannity Show reported similar percentages.

Premiere Radio Networks, who syndicates both shows, doesn’t seem to care that 28 percent and 33 percent drops in listenership because both the blow-hards “continue to be No. 1 and No. 2.” They later added: “We just syndicate these shows, so who cares who is listening to them, what a dumb question.”

“Psst …” they asked us in an aside, “how are we in the 18-to-34?”



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