As many of you who are hopelessly addicted to hashtags already know, good ol’ Twitter appears to be doing some righteously wacky stuff concerning its foreign policy.

A post Thursday by the social network is clearly indicating that Twitter’s role in the Arab Spring and its possible inadvertent involvement in those silly wankers torching London has caused some backlash. While the network’s statements about stonewalling certain posts in certain countries seems innocent enough, it has caused paranoid murmurs on an Internet still reeling from the traumatizing SOPA/PIPA fiasco.

The wording of Twitter’s announcement was chill, but the effect was chilling. In a completely punrelated segment of the announcement, Twitter is ceding “censored” tweets to a sort of dusty Internet warehouse called Chilling Effects.

We like to imagine that the inside of Chilling Effects will soon be comprised of quarantined Tweets, kind of like that giant room at the end of that Indiana Jones movie.

While we are but humble humorists, and the move seems sensible in the face of stern international scrutiny of the Internet, we can’t help but think this is probably going to end up a “minus sign” on the overall quality of Internet life. Not to mention that in the face of certain other Internet kaka-storms rapidly brewing, this news is probably #badnews.

Here’s to Twitter hopefully just taking precautions rather than just selling out to please insane dictators.


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