On Feb. 25, Copley Square was once again the home to an Occupy Boston protest. Around noon, 30 to 40 protestors from all over the greater Boston area joined together to speak out against the threat of MBTA price hikes and service cuts.

Several protestors shared stories about how additional MBTA service cuts and price hikes will create additional hardships on the disabled and the lower and middle classes. One story was of a blind man who uses a bus route to travel and shop- a symbol of his independence. According to the protestor, this is one of the bus routes that will be cut completely with MBTA’s current plan,

leaving the blind gentleman stranded.

Other protestors claimed that the financial crisis of the MBTA is a fraud. A protestor screamed as the passionate crowed echoed,

“The cost of one drone that is harassing Iran right now could pay for every cut the T is talking about … The money is here in the country and state, but it is used to bail out banks and perpetrate wars of the 1%.”

After everyone in the crowd had their turn to speak, the Occupiers started their march. With homemade signs and banners waving in the wind, they marched through the streets of Boston to open the eyes and steal the ears of the public.

As the protestors marched on, I stayed back and had a conversation with Occupy Boston Media member and attorney at law, Deborah Surotkin Butler. Bulter informed me of the past five years that lead up to the financial crisis of the MBTA.

“The Big Dig project (The underground roadways of Boston) became the most expensive public works project in the United States. Around completion of the project, Charlie Baker and Mitt Romney used “Forward Funding” legislation to transfer the debt left over from the Big Dig project to the MBTA. This was done in order to clean Baker and Romney’s books and budgets. What is even worse is that no one in the MBTA was in the position to OK or prevent this debt. It just happened. And, this is why the MBTA is currently carrying a deficit of 161 million dollars.”

At the end of the conversation it was clear that Bulter and I agreed on a lot of things. But nothing made me smile more than when Butler stuck it to that sad, diluted excuse for a human being:

“Free the T. Give the debt back to Mitt Romney!”


Andrew once walked an old lady across the street. Her name was Margret. She thanked him.

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