When I was in high school and into my college years I used to make lists. These were lists of things that I wanted to do in the next year, few years, in my lifetime. Some of these things were attainable, others were just totally unrealistic, just for fun. I would always forget about them and upon discovering them years later I was so shocked at what I had actually accomplished:

things I thought would never in a million years come to fruition had in fact been within reach after all.

With my twenties only six months away from being a thing of the past, I have been collecting and reviewing these lists in an attempt to piece together those last few things I want to do before I turn thirty.

My favorite list is from 2000. I was eighteen years old and I had no idea who I was or where I was headed; I just knew I had goals and at the time they were literally unfathomable.

I imagined a perfect life, one I could look back on one day and say that it had been a really magical ride.

I wrote that I wanted to see England and Ireland, that I wanted to live somewhere with a totally different culture than my own and I wanted to stay there for a long time. I wanted to see a rainforest. I wanted to study archaeology and work all day in the hot sun on an archaeological dig. I wrote that I wanted to fall in love, to learn to live comfortably somewhere else but to always have somewhere to call home. Lastly, I said I wanted to write; that I wanted to reach people with what I had to say. I wanted my voice to be heard through a pen and paper, and while I had no idea where to start, somehow, I was going to find a way to write.

Eleven years later I look at this list and I can’t believe that I have actually done every single thing on that list. I have spent so much time thinking I’ve taken wrong turns, chosen the wrong path, fallen for the wrong person one too many times, had a bit too much to drink (and I have…) but I can’t help but feel wildly successful at the same time.

I actually had an idea of who I wanted to be when I “grew up” and I am literally, that exact person.

I set out writing this article in an attempt to come up with a few things I wanted to do before I turned thirty, but after reading 2000’s list I think I’ll just curl up with another glass of sangria and focus on more important things… like my list from 1998, in which my first goal is to like, totally make out with Leonardo DiCaprio.


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  1. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    Whatup Cous! I love that I just happened upon your page! I’m heading to Umbria tomorrow if you’re around! ;)

    <3 Roey