“He didn’t want a cigarette, a joint, or money; that dude wanted something else: flesh.”

It seems as if Humankind’s appetite for flesh and blood has become a popular special on the menu as of late here in America. My idea of cannibalism was always something that we resorted to in times of famine, as far as modern times go, aside from the Albert Fish and Jeffrey Dahmers of the world. Here’s some trivia to bring up at the dinner table, In 1988 a London performance artist, Rick Gibson, became the first person in British history to eat a donated human tonsil and later a variety of human testicles. All donated of course.

The news that came out of Miami last week, however, was something of a different kind. Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old man, apparently revved up on the street drug ‘bath salts’ was found chewing the face off a homeless man under a highway underpass, both stark naked (Those answers will come later I hope). When a police officer finally did arrive, it took more than six shots to stop his feeding frenzy, barely killing the cannibal and leaving the chewed up victim alive facing a life-threatening puzzle as to how to put his face back together.

Sounds like the zombie legacy we all  can’t get enough of, doesn’t  it?  Or was it a Voodoo curse? Whatever went down, the attack site will soon be included in the “Mystery, Mayhem and Vice Crime Bus” tour, part of Miami’s History sightseeing and tourism program.

Well, maybe Americans are just as sick and twisted as Eugene. There’s been more of a sense of humor amongst Americans with this particular story, hell someone even started up a Twitter account @TheMiamiZombie.  I guess this kind of distracts people from what is really going on. According to an article I read by Huffington Post columnist, Subhash Kateel, he gets all the sick jokes:

“But the sensationalism and the sick jokes do make sense. It is easier to stock up on supplies and firearms (which Miamians really don’t need any help doing) while preparing for a zombie apocalypse like the ones in the movies (I Am Legend, 28 Days Later, one of those bad M. Night Shyamalan flicks), than it is to really look at what would make a man like Rudy Eugene, who friends have called “funny” and “a really nice guy,” do the things he did to Ronald Poppo, a man who has spent the better part of 30 years homeless (in spite of attending an elite New York high school). It is also easier than admitting that there were plenty of warning signs in Eugene’s life indicating that he needed help. Unfortunately for him, those warning signs went off in a city where the early warning systems and institutions are constantly crumbling.”

After this particular incident, similar reports started surfacing in the news of psychotic behavior and cannibalistic homicides. On Tuesday, a 21-year-old Morgan State University student, Alexander Kinyua confessed to killing and devouring the brain and heart of his roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie (heh…Cujo). Weeks prior to his feeding frenzy, he was charged with first-degree assault after he  was believed to have beat a fellow student with a baseball bat for no reason and left the scene. Good thing he was allowed back on the streets right after that. There were no solid reports to whether he was using ‘bath salts’ or was, in fact, an actual zombie.

Also on Tuesday, and no ‘bath salts’ involved, 43-year-old New Jersey man Wayne Carter took a 12 inch knife and gutted himself in front of police officers, throwing chunks of skin and, more importantly, his intestines, after he stabbed himself in the legs and in the neck while waving a Stanley hammer around in his other hand.

According to a New Jersey police officer who was there,

“The scene was a gruesome mess. We had to decontaminate the SWAT team, due to the amount of blood.”

The man was eventually disarmed and doused with pepper spray. I bet that stung like a bastard. He was hauled off to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

Perhaps Canada can sulk with us Americans a bit about gruesome human behavior. Shady lady boy porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta killed his alleged Chinese gay lover and sent selected body parts to Canada’s top political officials. The last I heard, Luka was running amok in France, dressed as a woman. He must have lived on the second floor when he was a kid or something.

This past Saturday, a week after the Miami incident, Daily mail in the UK reported that US cage fighter, Jarrod Wyatt ripped out his training partner’s heart after he was convinced his partner was possessed by the devil.

He also ripped his partner’s tongue and most of his face off. According to Daily Mail, “Wyatt told the police he threw the heart into a fire along with other organs that he had removed from the body.”  He did admit to spiking his tea with hallucinogenic mushrooms, hence the satanic possession of his friend.

And there’s more. As recently as April of this year, a Shrewsbury, MA man killed his wife and ate her left arm and her fingers. There were no bath salts, apocalyptic theories, or Mushroom tea involved. In this gruesome murder, it was ruled that the man was experiencing the onset of dementia. I’d say.

Had enough? I have. But at the rate these gruesome murders find vacancy in the news (until the past week or so), it makes you wonder if this shit goes on all the time. Has the news found a niche for reporting similar psychotic crimes? Where did it all go wrong? Was it ever so right? Is everyone becoming mentally ill on one level or another? Does human flesh actually taste like chicken? Not something I need  to find out. Based on most people’s hygiene, I wouldn’t even use them as a pillow, never mind crave their flesh.

It seems like  a good question to ask, if in fact media sensationalism (entertainment media) is perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy that echoes “the end of times,” which applauds an escapist mentality of perceiving news as entertainment.

In return, we are not dealing with or understanding the actual issues that are causing such incidents mentioned.

If this is in fact some kind of public health issue that needs to be addressed, we are far from it, since the news and social media screamed “Zombie Apocalypse!” to sensationalize and make light of the situation. If the truth is out there, we will never get the gist of it as long as the mass media tells us that zombies are real and at large.

This further supports my question: Has everyone lost their minds?

End of The World? Zombies? Self-Disembowelment? Or, according to some who are the lunatic fringe, are Solar flares the cause of all the gruesome and absurd behavior of late?

Again, it appears we’re on the road to self-fulfilling the 2012 prophecy because of stupid and misinformed people and news aggregators desperate to create hype and not go under. Even the economy is fated.

Although we thirst for blood explanations for what’s really going on in the world, we contradict ourselves, since we refuse to accept the gruesome truth. We’d rather laugh about zombies. It’s one thing to read book, watch a movie, or listen to music, to escape reality. Some even use psychedelic mushrooms to escape facing lunacy or desperation. But while you tune in and drop out, you may have your face bit off.

Terlino … out!

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead wil walk the earth.


Epilogue:  While leaving Web Editor Lauren Metter’s house in Allston on Saturday after talking about this story, I was approached by a young black man in his late 20s asking for a cigarette, then money, then weed. I couldn’t help with any of the above; however, he wasn’t leaving. He tried to explain why he needed money and weed. All I could think of were bath salts.

“You’re in the wrong place man, go to Allston Village. They sell weed at lemonade stands over there,” I said in a bit of fear.

I saw his lips moving but his voice was cancelled out by my own gruesome thoughts and media paranoia. Here I am thinking this could be the next cannibal attack. I flinched and went back to Lauren’s house immediately.

“Who was that?” Lauren asked.

“I started thinking the guy was going to eat my face off for the last 13 seconds. He had the look in his eye of a cannibal in a feeding frenzy. He didn’t want a cigarette, a joint, or money; that dude wanted something else: flesh.”



  1. Melanie Peterson Melanie Peterson says:

    I haven’t seen this much gore since the 2000 election! Now go soak your head in epsom salts, go on a lemonade fast and you’ll be dreaming of unicorns again in no time. That’s epsom salts (they’re different).

  2. Tony Rome Tony Rome says:

    Real horrorshow.

  3. I like that Melanie!
    The way the world is today there IS no more room in HELL! Guess that’s why we’re experiencing such horror!
    By the way, although I don’t like reading about this gore, which happens to be a reality, it is another well-written article Craig!

  4. great article. im fasinated by these nut jobs.

  5. David Day says:

    Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

  6. Matt Helm Matt Helm says:

    Good point about the media/entertainment filling people’s heads up with the comedy and escapism of the walking dead. Though it takes a truly sick individual to romanticize zombies/cannibalism.

    “Rudy was the kind of guy that rooted for zombies in the movies.” – Deadfellas

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