“I’m not saying you’re a pathetic excuse for a news network that vomits out more hate than legitimate information. I’m just saying that’s what I heard.”

It’s been a busy week. Cable news networks have realized that they employ reporters that on their own have the intelligence of at least three or four moss-covered rocks, while just last week several advertisers finally noticed the hateful rhetoric that’s been filling the pages of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association’s newsletter for years.

Have you ever noticed that air of superiority and know-it-all attitude carried by most television news reporters?

Thursday morning the Supreme Court announced that it had upheld Obamacare as constitutional in a 110-page decision that was evidently too difficult to grasp for both CNN and Fox, who bungled their reporting of the event.

Neither network read far enough into the actual opinion document before going live with the “news” that the Individual Mandate had been ruled unconstitutional.

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Finally, with the help of, both networks realized their error and attempted to save face once it was obvious that viewers were watching a room full of stammering dolts with more gravitas than a grasp of reason.

CNN blamed a producer and an inexperienced correspondent for the misfire, while Fox left their own token blond correspondent on live air desperately flipping through the pages, skimming the opinion in the hopes of finding enough context clues to interpret the big words. eventually rebranded the story as “Court Ruling Lets $813 Billion in Higher Taxes Proceed.”

Later in the day, rather than admitting that someone had screwed up, a Fox spokesperson simply said that the network “reported the facts as they came in,” which is kind of like saying,

“I’m not saying you’re a pathetic excuse for a news network that vomits out more hate than legitimate information. I’m just saying that’s what I heard.”

Speaking of hate speech, how about the Pax Centurion?

The bimonthly magazine/newsletter from the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association has been shedding advertisers since people realized the rag is written by a group of Neanderthals locked into a perpetual circle jerk of hate all wrapped up in 60-plus pages.

The newsletter is essentially a soapbox for members of the police union to bitch about Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Occupiers, liberals, minorities … basically everyone who isn’t a conservative white male cop.

Most of the newsletter tends to stick to internal police stuff, like an editorial that complained about having to fill out racial profiling forms, because dammit, why should a police department with a history of racism have to prove they aren’t racist?!

And then there’s the ‘joke’ page in the most recent edition of the newsletter, with knee-slapping gems such as:

“Recently released documents found with Osama Bin Laden reveal he plotted an attack on an airborne Obama. He believed it would send the US into Chaos—it probably would have, but even drunk from partying we can outfight those turban tops.”

Think Archie Bunker, but with a gun instead of a laugh track.

As of last Friday, Harpoon Brewery, LoJack, and Simmons College had all announced that they would be pulling their ads now that they’ve finally paid attention to the publication they had been supporting.

We have to wonder: what took so long?



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