It’s official. Coming this fall, Dig Boston will become this city’s sole alternative weekly newspaper.

Phoenix Media Group—best known for taking themselves too seriously, while providing a voice for the local sex trade—announced that a new weekly magazine called The Phoenix will be replacing both Stuff magazine and The Boston Phoenix newspaper.

Thus far, the planned magazine merger has resulted in the layoffs of five Phoenix staffers.

This news comes just a few months after Phoenix Media Group flushed WFNX away to Clear Channel and laid off the station’s staff for $14.5 million.

“It has been an exciting few months for The Phoenix Media Group; we are really thrilled to bring a new publication to Boston that will better serve the city,” announced PMG Chairman Stephen Mindich August 1.

Since the announcement, a number of questions have remained unanswered.

Such as:

Can we look forward to advertorial content, such as features and lists like seasonal guides to spa happy endings? Five things to look for in a pimp?

Will there still be space left over between the obvious advertisements and cover advertisements disguised as fluff pieces?

Perhaps the most obvious question is

what is there for Mindich to celebrate in the financial necessity of having to combine two publications—one for bougie young professionals with too much money to spend and another for armchair revolutionary hipsters—without alienating either audience?


One Response to MEDIA FARM: ‘NIXED

  1. smiley smiley says:

    i hear there were more layoffs, more paycuts and more rediculousness inside the phoenix wiht alot of unhappy employees. from one person i know already had paycut by 25% in past few years. alot of people looking to leave.