Last Tuesday was kind of a weird night and I don’t just mean the part where the Monopoly Guy’s weird nephew lost a presidential campaign or the part when I hazily recall making a campaign manager throw away my empty bottle at an election party.

The surprise that really should not have been a surprise was Scott Brown’s inability to get reelected.

Attacking intellect as elitism and running with the Boston Herald’s racist “Fauxcahontas” rhetoric was clearly not enough for Brown to retain his seat. He found a way to quickly devolve his campaign to replace his public charisma with the mean-spirited pragmatism of political operatives who spend a little too much time aspiring to be the next Karl Rove.

There were a lot of factors working against Brown on election day, such as the tens of thousands of Democratic voters hoping to keep Barack Obama in the White House, who otherwise would not have cared enough to vote if Brown versus Warren topped the ballot.

In the span of just one election cycle, Brown’s image went from personable independent to condescending chauvinist.

For the benefit of anyone duped by Brown’s suddenly conciliatory tone during Tuesday night’s concession speech, this is not the last time we have seen that particular truck driver from Waltham.

Plenty of Massachusetts politics reporters are salivating at the prospects of Senator John Kerry replacing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, since that would mean a special election to replace Kerry’s senate seat.

Either way, Kerry’s term is up in two years, so at the latest we will likely see Brown again for the 2014 race.

Speaking of sequels, after spending the last few weeks in the hospital, there has been plenty of speculation as to whether or not Menino’s got one more term at city hall in him.

Perhaps, Menino rolling out the troops was his way of declaring that he still has the juice to knock any political challengers. Menino continues to grow his tremendous campaign war chest—which topped $640,000 in Menino’s most recent finance report to the state from the end of October.

Speaking of Menino’s finances, check his October records to see that he spent $32,000 on a survey from Hill Holiday LLC.

I wonder if that has anything to do with the mysterious telephone survey that Boston residents received in September, asking their opinion on the 2013 mayoral race, with questions about Menino’s performance and whether perceptions of his health would hinder his ability to run again.

Menino came out with his endorsement of Warren about a week after the phone surveys were reportedly sent out. Assuming this survey came from the Menino camp and that it seems Menino is in the beginning stages of getting his political pieces together,

the survey company must produce quick polling results.


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  1. youdontknowme youdontknowme says:

    Elizabeth Warren is going to ruin this state! Nice job clueless liberals! Raise taxes on the rich! Preach sister, preach! Who gives a shiznizzle about raising taxes on the rich, my tax rate won’t drop just because some Native American roast beef licker chooses to raise taxes on the rich.

  2. youdontknowme youdontknowme says:

    by the way Warren, Janet Reno called and she wants her pant suit back for the dance party. maaaamaaamyyy sharona