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“I has teh sadz. can u hep me? pls?”

In the wonderfully crowded and bustling city we live in, it can sometimes be easy to fall into the habit of ignoring the blatant tragedies we come across on a daily basis. Urban life desensitizes for many of us, what would otherwise be enough to spawn tears or even action. The specific issue I would like to address are the many animals that have been neglected, abused, hoarded and abandoned, who desperately need new homes with people that truly care about them.

The reason I am talking to YOU is because I know that you won’t be able to stare idly at your screens as I bombard you with cutie after cutie. You spend all day looking at cats online, (I know I do), why not turn your feline obsession into a hobby that may actually help one of these homeless critters?

Even if you responsibly acknowledge that your rickety Allston shack that somehow passes for a home is not a reasonable place to house a pet in need of love and care, you can still bask in the cuteness and spread the word about a little guy that might catch your eye.

Each animal I will feature will be from a no-kill animal shelter in the Boston Area, some probably right around the block from your own home!  So each week, sit back and relax as I introduce you to some of Boston’s most adorable little fur-balls that need a place to crash.


Our first fuzz-ball hales from the heart of Boston, Jamaica Plain to be exact.  Black Cat Rescue is a wonderful no-kill, rescue program that focuses on cats with black fur, due to the fact that black cats are half as likely to get adopted.  Talk about senseless superstition! I would let this little guy cross my path any day. Cinder is approximately 2 years old and has lived a rough life for being so young. The only survivor of her litter, they found this poor feline wandering around, alone and in the cold. Once acclimated to the shelter, she was understandably shy. She is incredibly curious and once in the arms of a lover, will be sure let her guard down and give you that purr you’ve always wanted. Don’t let her adorable shyness get to you, hell, remember high school? cinder is basically your soul mate just waiting to be found. Cinder is Spayed, up to date on shots, and is house trained which is probably a lot more than can be said about you.


Next up we have Melanie, a Domestic short haired, colored black and white.  Melanie is four years old and has also lived a life of hardship. Abandoned by her previous owners in a cold, lonely apartment, Melanie, once moved to a large shelter, was terrified.  She became frightened of anything and everything but after being cared for by the saintly folks at Black Cat Rescue, her true personality blossomed. She is known to only require lots of love and cuddling. This girl doesn’t need diamonds or pearls, all she wants is a loving owner quick to give a head scratch.  Melanie has been spayed, has up to date shots, and is house trained. Now what sounds better, Melanie or a new Girlfriend? Yea I thought so.

Our third eligible single is Delilah. This 4 year old Black, Short-haired mix recently acquired celebrity status; used as a model for a SocialPakt shirt, Delilah raised much needed moolah for the cause!  Lucky for you, she hasn’t been scooped up by hollywood and is yet to star in a major motion picture. Look at those eyes, how can you say no? Black Cat Rescueboasts that Delilah is energetic, curious and easily able to keep herself entertained, unlike most human celebrities. She will always be happy to see you and will give you more love than you are ready to handle!  Delilah is house trained, up to date on shots and is spayed so that even if all the male cats come hollering, you wont be dealing with any celeb kittens.

Our fourth lovely feline comes from the Gifford Cat Shelter.  This amazingly humane, no kill shelter has a long and rich history in our very own Brighton MA and has been dedicated to giving neglected and abandoned animals a loving home since 1884. Amy, a beautifully colored domestic short hair, has lived a tragic life. She was in a large shelter for 8 entire months before coming to Gifford. It is clear this beauty needs a home asap.  This Calico bombshell has been known to be a diva from time to time but with the right love and care, is sure to warm up to whoever has a scratch-ready hand and the patience to deal with a girl who knows what she wants. Amy is up to date on shots, is spayed and is house trained, just waiting pounce into your life.
Our last fantastic feline also comes from the Gifford Cat Shelter. He is a ginger that is ready to play! Cloverhas come a long way. Having undergone surgery for a terrible eye infection, he was fortunate to be left with the use of one eye. he was nursed back to health by the incredible folks at the Gifford Cat Shelter and is now strong, energetic, and eager to find a pad. Unfortunately, the people who adopted him last could not get him to stop bullying their other cat. But hey, can you blame him? I loathed my freshman college roommate and almost sent him away as well. Clover does fine with dogs but should probably be the lone cat of the bunch. He has a wildly long tail and confidence that shoots through the roof. Clover has been house trained, has up to date shots, and is neutered. This bachelor needs a special kind of love and care due to his past illness and knows you guys are willing to accommodate!

So those are our fantastic, in-need singles of the week.

I hope you got your daily dose of adorable while possibly helping the cause, bringing the world a step closer to ending animal abuse, neglect, and homelessness.

If you didn’t see any cool-cats that caught your eye, just visit either one of these awesome rescue shelter-programs to browse through tons of other eye-watering cats in need of love and a permanent residence. Tune in at the same time next week for more adoptable goodies. SPOILER ALERT: dogs, birds and reptiles await!


Myles is a recent Graduate of Syracuse University and grew up in Cambridge. He loves animals a little more than people and will only play basketball if the rim is at 6 ft. 5 in., ensuring the possibility of dunking.

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