With over 1.1 million views and 100-plus music videos on Youtube, Myster DL has been putting in some serious underground work. He’s suddenly, but not surprisingly, become the local go-to for hip-hop weed smokers. DL is about to take it to the mainstream with his first feature film, A Sea of Green, featuring a who’s who of underground Boston and Cali smoke bangers.

I had a discussion with him about his new release.

“The cast is almost exclusively my friends and people I’ve worked with in the entertainment industry. I knew everyone personally so it was easy to create their characters around their personalities. The star of the film is a local artist named Alias and he brings comic relief to the dramatic, suspenseful plot. The supporting cast is great: Slaine, Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Rockness Monsta, Edo G, Termanology, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, Mike Marshall, Dramatik, and more,” says Myster DL.

I asked him if this is a movie for the marijuana legalization crowd, and he responded:

“They’ll hate it. They’ll point their fingers and say it’s because of guys like us. This is what is really happening. I’m not afraid to show it.”

“My problem is activists want it legalized no matter what the cost. They tell people to vote ‘Yes’ on bills they didn’t even read or understand as long as it’s pro marijuana. Should it be legal? Yes, but I’m not going to not smoke it because it’s legal or not, I’m more of a moral person, is it right or is it wrong, I don’t really care what the rules are.”

“This covers all smokers, the casual to the full-fledged stoner. The main character’s wife hates weed, she leaves the main character over it; this begins his downward spiral. It’s not just a weed movie, it’s a real movie about real characters struggling. It has depth.”

“I have a story to tell that’s never been told in a realistic way.”

“Every weed movie has been silly comedy about farfetched situations. I wanted to make the first realistic weed movie.”

“I went out west and made a film about weed growers and cast real weed growers. What’s more real than that?”

The movie features a full scene of ONYX at the 2010 MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally and close to a dozen past Rally performers and activists such as DJ Slim and myself.

Local marijuana heads eagerly anticipate its September release.

“This movie looks great, Myster DL has come a long way, I’m proud of him,” writes Sticky Fingaz of Onyx.

A new trailer for the movie was released on 4/20 and can be viewed on Myster DL’s Youtube or right here:



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