No no, it’s not November. It’s May, and we aren’t just talking about the onset of beautiful weather, but also the special elections that have taken the national stage in many states.

As you all know, our very own commonwealth is among them. Tuesday’s primary election results are in: it’s Markey vs. Gomez for John Kerry’s open senate seat. For the democrats, Markey was the inevitable shoo-in.

With his progressive politics and no-nonsense approach to grassroots campaigning, Markey defeated Lynch easily in the primary, even after low interest and turn out.

However, the GOP pick was the surprise of the evening: Gabriel Gomez, newcomer to the political scene and former Navy SEAL. With his background in private equity, he was able to both personally fund and attract funding for his primary campaign. Needless to say, I’m quite excited for this race. Ever since I listened to WBUR’s first interview with Gomez, I was intrigued by this fresh-faced and middle of the road republican. And now as the GOP nominee for Massachusetts, I look forward to his candid responses and unpolished presence side by side with Markey, a career politician.

Meanwhile in South Carolina, Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D) battles Mark Sanford (R) for the special congressional election May 7th. What’s interesting about this campaign is Colbert Busch, Stephen Colbert’s sister, is getting major press and support nationally (certainly having a brother on TV helps). Also, Sanford will not give up. I mean, how ballsy can a politician be?

Let’s give a refresher here: this is the same guy who not only cheated on his wife with a beautiful Argentinean woman, but used South Carolina tax payer’s money to do so.

Seriously, South Carolina? You care that much about keeping your state red that you’re going to blindly stand behind this smarmy womanizer who essentially committed fraud? Also, what is with his bizarre, Clint Eastwood-like behavior, mock-debating a cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi? Does ANYONE else see that as slightly unsettling? And Mark, you are NOT Bill Clinton. So don’t even attempt to garner redemption by comparing yourself to him.

Needless to say, let’s hope we have another Colbert on the national stage.

While Mitch McConnell is not up for special election this spring or summer, he has been working tirelessly seeking senate reelection in Kentucky in 2014 and slut shaming any potential female candidate against him. According to Politico, McConnell was secretly recorded attacking Judd’s mental stability and history. Unfortunately, this and perhaps other reasons have led Judd to drop her anticipated run against McConnell. However, good ole Mitch will get another chance to bring his sexist and simple minded campaign tactics into play if Kentucky’s Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan, decides to run. Let us not forget one important fact about this relatively unknown political figure: one of Lundergan’s biggest supporters is the Clinton family. Even though Mitch McConnell thinks he’s got the potential to be a good drinking buddy and the sense of humor to prove it, we all know Obama will always get more laughs, hands down, every time.

Last and certainly least, we look far into the future to the year 2016, where every hopeful and seasoned politician will come out of the woodwork to run for president.

While it’s extremely early for anyone to weigh a bid for the White House, some eager pols are already at it, including Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. This McCarthy wannabe has gained notoriety after excessively attacking now Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel during his nomination period. Cruz, who was seeing red in 2013, ruffled so many feathers that he even received reprimand from members of his own party, including John McCain. Clearly Cruz’s attempt at a run for the GOP presidential nomination would only further propel my girl Hil to victory in 2016. Who can hate that?

Let the games begin.



A Boston transplant, Liz is an affordable housing advocate by day, writer by night. Sometimes she laughs out loud at words like 'fiduciary.'


  1. This isn’t anything the Daily Show hasn’t already covered, but I’m astounded by the fact that there is any talk of Ted Cruz running for president considering that he was born in Canada, which makes him ineligible to run.


    What’s the Daily Show? And Boston Boston, this is Amurica. Anything is possible!

  3. beazy beazy says:

    Actually, Boston Boston, Cruz claims he’s eligible because his mother is American and that he considers himself to be a natural-born citizen. The fact that he was born in Canada is most likely not going to stop him from running. But at least you got to be a dick for no reason, right?

  4. american.add american.add says:

    I think the time is more than ripe for a Canadian President in America, don’t you?