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In the early morning hours of Saturday, Stanley Stacos tweeted that an unconscious female was reported as being found half naked on the street:

This disturbing report probably doesn’t surprise many people. It is shocking, and scary, but it has become part of the public image of Allston. Minutes later Stacos updated on the situation stating that the cars had been cancelled, it turned out she was a known area lush.

That’s “typical Allston.” Drunk girls being carried half conscious out of restaurants, drunk guys beating each other to pulp in the streets.

That everyone in Allston is drunk has become a running joke, cheap laugh fodder for those sober enough to compose a tweet.

Don’t get me wrong, I laugh, and I share your tweets.


That’s what this blog was inspired by. The image of a Never Never Land for young kids who are idealistic and don’t know the best way to get across the idea that they have a say in how things can be in their neighborhood. Keep Allston Shitty.

Well I guess I got what I wanted, because Allston is shitty sometimes.

The Boston Police Department have released an outline of crime reported in the last six months and it indicates that while crime has been decreasing in Boston overall (despite a spike in gun violence), it has jumped by 11% in the D-14 area, our very own Allston/Brighton.

Many of the reported incidents have something in common with Staco’s report above, they share the unfortunate trend of involving women.

At the end of May a female employee at Ritual Arts on Harvard Avenue was assaulted and robbed.

This is scary stuff. You wouldn’t expect someone to be breaking into an adorable store full of mystical things and cats and assaulting girls in exchange for sage, but it’s happening. It’s happening all around us and it’s not being taken very seriously by many.

The Allston Brighton Newsflash glibly reported on “Fight Club, female edition,” a series of violent incidents involving women which took place in a short period of time. One of these incidents involved a group of men mercilessly beating an uninvolved female bystander of their altercation into unconsciousness.

The levity this was treated with is unfortunate, but again no one is surprised by stories they hear about Allston on weekend nights. Every weekend you can expect to see tweets about fights outside of TITS or people screaming in the night.

I want us to have a safe summer. I love Allston.

I want everyone to be okay at the end of this summer, I don’t want us to lose anymore young people to fates we can keep them safe from.

The police department offers RAD self defense training courses in Oak Square, and the BARCC is available to help people who have been assaulted.

Let’s have a fun summer. I think we all have the right to get fall-down/pee-on-a-dumpster drunk, but we also have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. Please be careful, look into the self-defense cat keychain and walk home in loud obnoxious groups if you must because you’re safer that way. And seriously: drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated in the heat will help you keep your wits about you.

Hopefully Jack Burton will be around to save us from getting in trouble, but just in case he isn’t, be careful at night.


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