Sometimes when I’m reading through all your tweets and real estate listings and slogging through the Internet, I see reports of things happening that are scary and shocking. I rush to all the local news sites to see what else I can find out and there’s nothing, nowhere.

At 11:53pm on Brighton Avenue.


Right outside The Model.

On Friday on Hooker St. there was a report of someone wielding a brick irresponsibly in a fight.

Giving a bad name to responsible brick wielders everywhere.

Some are outraged and shocked by what is happening.

Most of us have become jaded.

There are no details yet available about Saturday night’s violence, apart from the above. If the homicide unit was summoned to the scene there is a fair chance it was in response to a homicide, which is terrible. An assault victim died, and it is entirely possible that it is a result of this brawl.

What is there in our lives that is worth dying and killing over?

A girl? Some drugs? Your pride? I promise you all of that is going to fade away and mean nothing so quickly you won’t even know it’s happening. You’re going to get older, and tireder, and you don’t want to do this. Many readers were incredulous to see TITS closed the other day, following a mandate from the licensing board that they refrain from opening as recompense for failing to report a fight at their premises. Failing to report a fight at TITS is basically the same thing as breathing, in their defense.

We just expect this to happen, because we never feel like it’s happening to us.

But it is, and even if you don’t know the names in the headlines today, you could tomorrow.

We’re not immune just because it isn’t us. Those affected by violence and crime in Allston are people’s friends, roommates, kids, and neighbors.

Even if there is nothing we can personally do to prevent drunk people from disagreeing with one another, we have to take this stuff seriously. It’s not a joke that someone got stabbed; it’s not a sign that Allston is the ghetto either. It’s a terrible side effect of a culture that celebrates brawling to settle differences, and it isn’t unique to Allston.

Pay attention to what’s happening around you, keep your wits about you, and drink lots of water. That’s all I’ve got for you.



  1. Sara Sara says:

    These things happen all the time and the news doesnt report on it so we have to hear it through twitter.

    A few months back I got punched in the face outside Joshua Tree (while just walking by, home from another bar w some friends) for asking some girls’ apparent boyfriend to move out of the way on the sidewalk. uncalled for but I took the high road and didn’t fight back. Side note.. 911 NEVER ANSWERED when my friends called. and the Jtree bouncers did NOTHING.
    Stay classy #Allston.

  2. C M C M says:

    I got stabbed in Allston a few years ago and almost died. Was in the hospital for a few weeks, needed physical therapy, had to leave school and work, etc. Attempted robbery on a side street while walking back to the car. A female with me was stabbed first, my friend and I tried to help. Perpetrators never caught.