I know that I am not alone in continuing to mourn Michael L. Malta, better known as the King of Pot, or KOP. Since he suffered a fatal heart attack and left us suddenly this past October, the pot community in Boston and beyond has kept his memory alive through tributes, both online and in real life. Notably, more than 100 of us gathered at the highest point on Boston Common, formerly known as Mount Mary Jane, to rename the skirt around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, from that day on, Mount Michael Malta.

Now, this Saturday night, December 7th, Michael’s friends, fans, and family members will gather at a private location in Boston to celebrate his life with remembrances, live music, and good weed. We’re calling it the 1st Annual King of Pot X-Mas Party, and you can probably figure out where it is if you try hard enough.

On this grand occasion, we’re expecting Jeffrey Peterson, a 420 comic coming all the way from Las Vegas. “I met Michael L. Malta on MySpace in 2004,” says Peterson. “We kept in touch and planned on doing projects together.  Spending time with Michael was so rewarding. I felt that Michael’s passion for cannabis was important to New England and the entire movement. There will never be another one like him. KOP was one of a kind.”


He’s not the only one emerging from the smoke clouds to pay homage. There will be musical performances from High Hopes Band, Amber R Ladd, DJ Slim, Myster DL, Squallie Greenthumb, All of the Animals, Four Elements, and Lotusound. Their sets one and all will reflect the man they are honoring.

“I’m a long time smoker and a full time skeptic,” says Squallie Greenthumb. “KOP was the first person I met who had me convinced that we could actually pull off legalization. I wanted to play this show as kind of a thank you for that.”

Adds Amber Ladd: “No one who knew KOP could ever forget him. That means we all understand what those close to him are going through–especially around the holidays. This will be the first real opportunity for all of us to gather in celebration of his life since we all said goodbye together. I know his presence will be felt, and ever since leaving Boston in October, I’ve been thinking about everyone so much. I know it will be a much needed night of memories, hugs, and love. With anything having to do with KOP, you know there needs to be good music! Some of us are in bands he loved–we have the greatest memories of him coming out, going crazy, supporting us. He showed up! Time to turn the tables.”

Jason Dick of High Hopes Band joined the chorus: “We met KOP one year during the Battle of Bands for a Freedom Rally spot. I admired his tenacity and persistence with spreading a righteous message of compassion for patients, as well as his disdain for unproven tactics in the war on one of creation’s most important medicinal plants. He always had a minute to chat and took that time to see how you were doing, even if you hadn’t seen him in months. Rest in Power KOP.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a KOP event without proper backing from smoke-friendly sponsors. “I am supporting this event because KOP would do the same for me,” says Bobby Nuggz of ReLeaf Magazine. “His mission was to support his loved ones’ hopes and dreams, as if they were his own. I consider that man a Picasso of this culture, and I know this gathering will be an ultimate, smoked out, rockin’ tribute to such an unforgettable soulful person.”

“The King Of Pot was a husband, a dad, and a friend, but most of all, a legion to all,” says Glenn Prescott, the host of the event. “His heart was so big, and he helped everyone in so many ways. I sit and cry every day thinking of him.”


Those interested in attending the event can purchase tickets by contacting Prescott via email at



  1. Ramon Berberena Ramon Berberena says:

    Hi where is this event going to take place its my First time in join this event i have smoke for years but never knew about these event or THE KING i wana pay my respects