Though few folks seem to care, we’ve known for some time what Boston Police Department counterterrorism forces were doing when they weren’t following leads that could have possibly prevented the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Thanks to the ACLU and other noble outfits like the Privacy SOS blog, over the past year we have learned that operatives from the ironically dubbed Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) were busy following nonviolent protesters around the city while Occupy was underway in Dewey Square. Now, however, thanks to a heroic legal effort by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, reporters and investigators have an even wider window through which to retrace the elaborate resources wasted before, during, and after the American Autumn in 2011.

There are several important lessons for progressives in the thousand-plus pages liberated by the PCJF. It’s clear, for one, judging by BRIC’s reaction to an Occupy the Hood event in which protesters from downtown rallied alongside Roxbury activists in Dudley Square, that the prospect of white and black people fighting oppression together, en masse, scares the shit out of authorities. We recommend you scroll through these damning documents and wince for yourself, but for now we pulled a select few quotes that demonstrate how much of a complete joke BPD anti-terrorism efforts were when Boston most needed them.

We’ve used this joke before, but the daily reports that cops and so-called “analysts” filed on Occupy and other social justice groups remind us of the scene in Billy Madison where Billy’s nemesis hires the school custodian to snoop on the title character’s academic progress. Instead of dirty details, though, the feckless spy offers little more than the color of Miss Lippy’s car and news that “Billy likes soda.” Without any further ado, here’s what our protectors were keeping close tabs on …

If anybody knows members of the band State Radio, tell them they had better watch their backs. The BRIC “analysts” have “open sources” that are communicating top secret information to police including their tour dates …

Musical Concert – Chadwick Stokes from State Radio / Dispatch (Occupy Boston) … Analyst Notes: The band State Radio has a significant local following according to open sources and has a number of upcoming tour dates including in PA, Washington DC, ME, NY and VT.

This one more or less says it all about how Boston cops feel about people of color coming together …

42nd Annual Tufts Black Solidarity Day: The theme of the rally will be “OccupyYourMind” and will occur at the Mayer Campus Center at Tufts University. While this event is posted on the Occupy Boston calendar, it is unknown whether members of Occupy Boston will have a presence at this event. The BRIC will continue to monitor this event and provide updates as necessary.

We love this next one because it proves yet again that while police were disregarding human and civil rights alike in their war on Occupy, they were mostly doing it to embarrassingly kiss the asses of suits who, if given the chance, would gamble the entire BPD pension fund on a game of poker. We repeat: Law enforcement goons who masquerade as tough guys with their sidearms and Truck Nutz are actually just punks and cowards who answer to billionaires in bow ties …

According the event’s website, FundForum USA 2011 provides a meeting point for the asset management community and will be attended by numerous high profile speakers to include executives and leadership of major corporations such as State Street Global Advisors, Putnam Investments, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan among others. The BRIC does not have any information to indicate that Occupy Boston is aware of this event and/or whether any protest actions have been planned in response to it. It should be noted that although this event has not been acknowledged officially by Occcupy [sic] Boston, its proximity to the OB camp at Dewey Sq. may invite potential for spontaneous protests.

Alternative newspapers and future mayors were watched …

According to the Boston Phoenix, incoming president of the AFL-CIO Steven A. Tolman will visit Occupy Boston at 10:00 AM. Later at 1:00 PM, State Representative Marty Walsh will join labor leaders from the Mass Building Trades Council and the Greater Boston Labor Council in a rally at the “decrepit” North Washington Bridge to call for more infrastructure investment.

They were also monitoring the circus. You. Can’t. Make. This. Shit. Up …

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus is scheduled to occur in Boston at the TD Banknorth Garden. The circus train will arrive on Tuesday, 11 October in the morning and the animals will be unloaded around 1:30pm for a 2:00pm walk around. This will take place behind Mass Ave. in between Albany and Vasser Streets. There have been several confirmed protests from animal activists groups including: PETA, Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) and local members of the Defense of Animals (IDA), Mercy for Animals (MFA) and the Boston University Vegetarian Society.

Group dinners were not exempt from surveillance …

Anarchist Potluck / Caucus, at 33 Harrison Ave Chinatown … Analyst Notes: There is no further information on this event or what it entails.

Also … before we forget … due to a special Grad Edition Media Farm and one week when we simply didn’t write a column, we regrettably neglected to give the Boston Globe due props for their expose on the exceptionally crooked operatives who killed alleged older brother bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s buddy Ibragim Todashev in Florida last year. In the face of an unprecedentedly stubborn FBI apparatus, Maria Sacchetti and her fellow Globies effectively revealed that the alphabet agency dispatched a former problem cop with “two police brutality lawsuits and four internal affairs investigation” to help get to the bottom of the bombing. That’s how much they cared. Considering the deception used by federal attorneys in their battling the press on these issues, we especially adored this line: “The Globe obtained [the rogue agents'] names in March by removing improperly created redactions from an electronic copy of Ashton’s report and then verifying their identities through interviews and multiple government records, including voting, birth, and pension documents.” In doing so, the paper showed that modern techniques and shoe leather combined yield justifiable results.


Since it’s against house rules to say anything nice about the Globe or its extended family without also round-housing them in the teeth, here goes … Not long before crouching into our Media Farm fighting stance this week, we noticed that a Dig Facebook post had a thread-sucking leech rappelling from the comments. Leveraging a magical algorithm and John Henry’s pocketbook, it turns out the slugs at managed to place ads recommending their content directly on links to our articles. It’s sickening, you see, and the move of a coward; if you showed up outside our weed spot like that, and started slinging inferior dime bags, you’d probably get your bottlecap twisted. With that said, rather than resort to cliché hip-hop threats, we’ll simply offer an example of what readers would have gotten had they clicked through to the gray lady’s ill-fated stepsister (besides the only website in the city with an uglier body font than DigBoston).

Last week, dropped a bombshell that absolutely murdered nationally. Titled “Serial ‘Tickler’ Breaking into Boston College Students’ Homes,” the piece raised a considerable number of eyebrows, and not only because it gave people the willies. For one, the story inexplicably boasted five bylines, as in that’s how many heads it took to invent a creep who plays This Little Piggy Went To Market Basket. For two, it was complete nonsense; after the Weekly World News-level exclusive echoed coast-to-coast and was exposed as a dramatization that would make Ben Mezrich blush, editors even posted an “update” atop the article that rendered every line below it false: “On Wednesday, May 28, the Boston Police Department stated that they have identified only one incident in the last two years where a foot was touched and that they know of no police reports that refer to any actions that can be described as tickling.”

The truth is that we wish the best. Even have some pals over there. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t seem that anybody at the Globe feels the same way. Owner John Henry might provide the kind of social media support that distracts Dig readers with ads for manufactured trash about mysterious fetishists, but beyond that it seems he wants to see the bastard smothered. All things considered, the thought of anybody clocking clicks and revenue from aforementioned foot fuckery makes us want to say something especially mean, so here goes … Not long ago, we learned about a recent powwow between arts staffers on Morrissey Boulevard and media relations honchos from around town. There, in an attempt to explain the difference between and, we’re told one editor suggested publicists equate the latter to “dinner,” and the former to “snacks.”* The analogy is at once telling and humiliating, but it at least explains why is determined to fatten readers with artificial garbage.


Other than the vast majority of reality show dimwits and the Wahlbergs, who apparently won’t stop until the world is choking on their beef patties and Boston bravado, it goes without saying that Jenny McCarthy is the biggest asshole in Hollywood (if you consider her a participating Tinsel Townie in the first place, which is arguable). Of course, for the past several years her notoriety has been predominately rooted in McCarthy’s staunch hunches on immunization, and in her doubling and tripling down on said idiocy. With McCarthy bringing her traveling comedy show to Boston soon (if you’re so inclined to see it you find out where and when on your own), we wanted to remind readers that she got righteously stomped last month by Dr. Jeffrey Kluger, who didn’t take well to the D-celeb’s attempt to whitewash her prior damage with an open letter in the Chicago Sun-Times. Responding to claims by McCarthy that she’s “in fact ‘pro-vaccine’ and for years have been wrongly branded as ‘anti-vaccine,’” Kluger broke out the rhetorical Ruger in an April Time piece:

Jenny, as outbreaks of measles, mumps and whooping cough continue to appear in the U.S.—most the result of parents refusing to vaccinate their children because of the scare stories passed around by anti-vaxxers like you—it’s just too late to play cute with the things you’ve said. You are either floridly, loudly, uninformedly antivaccine or you are the most grievously misunderstood celebrity of the modern era. Science almost always prefers the simple answer, because that’s the one that’s usually correct. Your quote trail is far too long—and you have been far too wrong—for the truth not to be obvious.

More recently, society actor GwynethPaltrow spewed some of the least novel revelations about internet culture since Al Gore started the damn thing. After explaining to a crowd at the Re/code Code Conference that “The Internet is an amazing opportunity, socially,” she got all devil’s advocate and countered, “But the Internet also allows us the opportunity to project outward our hatred, our jealousy.” On that note, we’re going to abstain from jumping on the pile, go on-record saying Paltrow is about as qualified to speak about technology as Jen McCarthy is to blabber about medicine, and suggest you read her painfully trite spiel from Palos Verdes. We promise it gets even more ridiculous than Paltrow’s fucked comparison of getting trolled to fighting wars, for which trolls galore have since relentlessly and rightfully shelled her.


Finally, the Dig would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions that Emily Rooney has made to this city. While we were excited to hear she’ll be staying on as host of the Friday afternoon hack smack-down ‘Beat the Press,’ it’s nonetheless sad to learn that the WGBH icon is retiring from her long-running weeknight show ‘Greater Boston.’ Perhaps the most outspoken personality in local public (or mainstream for that matter) media, we’re fairly certain Rooney’s never thought much about what’s politically popular, or flinched because listeners and viewers may have disagreed with her on certain topics. At the same time, she’s made a career out of interviewing people who see things differently than her, always addressing subjects with respect but never without ample curiosity and attitude. In a media environment typically underwhelmed by predictable puppets reciting routine nonsense, we’ll still be tuning in on Fridays just to hear what Rooney will say next.


*-We only had four reporters writing Media Farm this week, and as such were not able to confirm that anybody actually said anything about “snacks,” but we ran it anyway for the web traffic.

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    again… good stuff.

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