It’s finally here! Convention season has begun for fans of comics and pop culture. The growth of Boston Comic Con over the last five years has turned our fair metropolis into the host of one of the biggest shows in the country. The spaces keep getting bigger, the roster gets more impressive and local fans have something to look forward to all year without shelling out the traveling expense of the San Diego or New York conventions. We speak this week with Colin Solan, Public Relations for Boston Comic Con 2012!

Hey Colin! We’re here to talk about something you’ve been putting a lot of time into lately…the 2012 Boston Comic Con! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I’ve been attending the Boston Comic-Con for the last few years, and honestly I can say I always have a great time. How important is the fan’s experience to you and the promoters?
It is the most important factor to us, obviously we need fans to come back year after year and bring their friends. We’ve grown rapidly in our five years and that is directly due to attendees enjoying themselves and spreading the word.

Stephanie Buscema Boston Comic Con 2012 Exclusive Shirt Design

Stephanie Buscema Boston Comic Con 2012 Exclusive Shirt Design

The Convention has gone through some growth and changes of venue the past few years. Does it feel better to stretch your legs and set up panels and tables in the Hynes Convention Center for the second year in a row?

The Hynes is definitely the city’s best venue for a convention like ours.

It’s got plenty of room for us to grow and beng in the heart of Back Bay gives fans easy access to the T and plenty options for eating outside of convention food.

I have loads of friends that always say, “I’ve always wanted to go to a comic book convention.” How can I get these guys to satiate their curiosity, if they are curious about conventions but have never gone to one before?

This is a great opportunity to meet some of the best creators in the business, find some rare collectibles, check out all the fans in costumes or just pick up big stacks of comics at a bargain.

U MAD? Mad Magazine Cover #510

Reboot? What, Me Worry? Mad Magazine Cover #510

This city has so many great local independent artists and also is the home to artists and writers working at the big companies. It is nice to get everyone together — are there any portfolio review sessions from publishers at this year’s Con?
We’re happy to have George Beliard, Manager of Talent Relations for Marvel Comics, attending this year to do portfolio reviews on both Saturday and Sunday.

If there is an artist out there looking to break into the industry they should bring their best work and take advantage of this opportunity.

OK, big news! You’ve just announced classic artists of cartooning and comics, the Legends of MAD Magazine. Al Feldstein (Tales from the Crypt), Al Jaffee (MAD Fold-ins) and Paul Coker, Jr. (Esquire, Playboy). Are you trying to top your Joe Kubert appearance from last year? Legends may be an understatement.
We’re certainly excited to bring together such celebrated artists for a rare group appearance!

Any fans of Mad Magazine should make a priority to see their panel on Sunday.

The roster for guests and panels are knockout amazing. The page keeps scrolling and scrolling with one artist better than the next. It’s unfair to ask you who your are most looking forward to seeing so I’ll ask you some silly questions. Who is the best dressed at the con?
Naturally the cosplayers always bring their A-game. It’s exciting to see what new and creative costumes they put together each year.

Sunday’s costume contest will certainly be a spectacle, bring your camera!

Most likely to be hilarious at a panel?
Definitely the MAD panel, their sense of humor influence has both comics and comedians for decades!

If comics aren’t your thing, there are toys, collectibles, original art, costumes and cosplayers. Anything else I’ve missed?
We’re holding our first film festival on Saturday and an all-day zombie movie marathon on Sunday. Plus we’ve added a gaming tournament for Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, and HeroClix players.

Con Guest Kevin Eastman (TMNT) gives a tour of his studio.

Any tips on avoiding the dreaded Con Crud or the current strain of Pax Pox running rampant on the immune systems of otherwise healthy individuals?

Stay hydrated, stock up on hand sanitizer, and make sure you eat right.

Daredevil and Dr. Doom - Paolo Rivera

Daredevil and Dr. Doom - Paolo Rivera

Whatever the cure is, we hope to buy you a nice cold one to refresh you after running around all day — will you let us do that?
Sure —see you at the official after-party at McGreevy’s on Saturday night hosted by the League of Ordinary Gentlemen!


The League of Ordinary Gentlemen hosts the Third Annual Boston Comic Con After-Party at McGreevy’s VIP room (right across the street from the Hynes)  Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 6:00pm until 10:00pm!

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Costumes encouraged, be a voice in our next “Oddio-Comic”. Giveaways! Conversation! Fun! Friendship!

McGreevys Boston
911 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115

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