“Ah-ha moments don’t typically come when you’re strapped to a cubicle.”

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Brooklyn Boulders is returning to its roots. Although the flagship gym is based in Brooklyn, the majority of the five founders spent their college years at Babson College in Wellesley.

They’re bringing the area a refuge for climbers, and a much broader audience.

“We had the idea of opening a rock gym in Boston while we were at Babson,” says President Lance Pinn, “but we just couldn’t find the right spot. We ended up in New York and realized there was not a dedicated and/or affordable climbing option in the city. We luckily found a building and we opened Brooklyn Boulders.”

“Boston was always on our radar,” says CEO Jeremy Balboni. “I was climbing with (COO) Gavin Heverly one day and he said “we really need to open something up in Boston” and so the journey began.” After looking at 50-plus buildings, we settled in Somerville.”

Their mission statement revolves around the concept that activity fuels a creative, involved mind.

“When we are in touch with our bodies, and push ourselves physically we are invigorated and clarity is derived in other facets of life. Ah-ha moments don’t typically come when you’re strapped to a cubicle. We have worked to build a holistic environment in which community members can blur the lines between work life and play under one roof,” says Senior Cultural Chameleon Jesse Levin. “The staff keep themselves constantly in tune with standing desks.

The team can often be found bouncing off the walls in one part of the facility or another.”

They’ve incorporated a lounge and workspace to directly fuel this idea.

“We have had a lot of live art going on during events and we plan to continue. Our philosophy is to never say no to reviewing a proposal,” says Levin. “We’ve had suggestions ranging from straight razor shaves to organic wine tasting classes—

our goal is to utilize the space for the artistic and creative communities around Somerville.”

“The work space will evolve over time as well. As of now it serves as an event space and a place for members to plop down with their laptops to access the free-wifi and do some work while cheering on their friends climbing across the mezzanine.”

They offer a wide range of difficulties and styles for all skill sets, from top-roping to lead climbing and a wealth of bouldering as their name might suggest. “We even have auto-belay stations so people can come in and get on the taller walls without a belay partner,” says Levin. “Climbing can really be anything you want it to be. It can be as simple as a great way to blow off some steam and to get an incredible workout on a nontraditional format or it can become a lifestyle. If you really want to get into it, there is endless strategy and problem solving that can be applied to the sport. The community that surrounds climbing is also incredibly diverse and invigorating,” says Levin.

Get your chalk on, it’s time to climb!



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