Preparing to take on one of the rare product review assignments I’ve faced in my career, I opened the box for the complicated-looking Vapir Rise three times before I mustered enough courage to connect a hose. An old school blunt smoker, I’m hesitant to sample new contraptions. I’m also a technological dolt, so as far as vaporizers are concerned, I’ve only really clung onto the portable and easy-to-toke Magic Flight Launch Box. That was after trying several models – from chintzy plastic numbers, to the power-consumption standard, Volcano (call it the Rolls Royce of the bag-based vaporizer game).

To be honest, discovering an alternative tabletop unit wasn’t high on my agenda. I know a lot of folks adore their various green machines, but the typical process involves inflating big bags full of vapor–time better spent puffing blunts and bowls, I say. Or at least that’s how I felt before this joystick. Despite the “quick guide” instructions involving roughly 20 steps, I discovered within minutes that it’s quite easy to use (a little more work and it can be set up for four-person soireés).

Most importantly, the Rise is light, sleek, fast to heat, and looks a lot less like a dildo than some competitors in its price range (note: it still kind of looks like one). Which brings me to the cost factor; while I’ve only fired up about a dozen stationary vapes in my career, the Rise unequivocally delivers the most dank for my buck. A recent cipher with three friends had us all wondering out loud why anyone would need to spend an additional $200 for a Volcano, as the quick action and digital command center on this trusty bastard do the trick.

Looks like my coffee table just got a little more cluttered.



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  1. Timothy Smith Timothy Smith says:

    Right for the price, I like my Vapir Rise.