We want to make sure getting your hands on a copy of the Dig every week is as easy and convenient as possible. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for locations for our street boxes or if you run a business and would love to have a stack of Dig’s delivered to you for your customers to enjoy. Tell us right here. Thanks.

10 Responses to Distribution

  1. carl carl says:

    There is a DIG box in front of Panera on Huntington Ave (corner Gaisnboroughj St.) In the past several months, I have not seen a single issue available there. Either there are very few being delivered, or there are none delivered at all. If you are not delivering, you should remove the damn box.

  2. Carl D Waree Carl D Waree says:

    A few weeks ago, I emailed that the Dig was not being delivered to the box in front of Panera on Huntington Ave. For a while, afterwards, there was regular delivery. However, for 2 weeks now-nothing. And, bizarrely, the week before that, the box was stocked with issues from early January.

  3. Richard Richard says:

    Your Dig box in front of Fiore’s Bakery in JP hasn’t been filled with copies for like 2 months (snow storm is the exception). Please give south st. some Dig loven’ in your oven.


  4. To Whom It May Concern;

    Let me begin by apologizing for doing poor initial research and emailing a “Jeff” in regards to delivery. I work at a private international school and we would be thrilled to get a weekly delivery of The Dig to our school located at 1105 Commonwealth Avenue on the second floor. Our students are new to Boston and the U.S. and are always looking for updates on things to do and know about in the city and though I often re post Dig events, etc it would be stellar if we had a pile to distribute at the school. Please feel free to contact me at 617 779 0367.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    Lauren McEntee
    DSO & Admissions
    617 779 0367
    Target International Student Center
    1105 Commonwealth Ave
    Boston, MA 02135

  5. Tim Cronin Tim Cronin says:

    Are there any New Hampshire locations that carry this publication?

  6. Brian Dawson Brian Dawson says:

    Will you put a street box in front of the Capitol Theater in Arlington? That is a busy corner, already has boxes from all the other print papers in town, and its a neighborhood that could be considered an extension of Cambridge & Somerville. Many multi-bedroom apts are in the area, and need some info about the fun stuff down going on the street. I just moved here, and I miss you!

    In the meantime, where is the nearest box, Alewife T station?

  7. Joe Joe says:

    Could you put one at the bus stop at the intersection for Broadway and Mass Ave? Every other alt newsweekly is there. Currently, I get my copy at Newbury Comics in Newton, but they seem to get their issues late. I have very rarely found one there on Thurs. or Fri., which is a shame since a large point of reading DigBoston is to figure out what’s going on during the weekend.

  8. Joe Joe says:

    I mean Broadway and Mass Ave in Arlington…oops!

  9. Sean Sean says:

    Dig no longer shows up at my laundromat. Kikis on Fanuiel St. in Brighton. It used to be there waiting for me every Thursday.

  10. Nick Nick says:

    Where are the copies you used to leave in shays pub in Harvard square.
    A hard copy and a beverage make for a civilized and relaxing Saturday.
    Your in line pub sucks and I don’t like to have to carry electronic hardware to have a read and relax.
    Thanks for maybe listening.
    (P.s. bet they don’t come back!)

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