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  1. Hello!

    The Giving Tree Band will be performing at Johnny D’s on Friday April 5th at 9:00 pm.

    We’d like to be added to your community events calendar if possible. Here are the rest of the show details.

    Where: Johnny D’s

    When: Friday, April 5th, 2013
    Doors: 9:00
    Show: 10:00
    Set time: 10:00

    Tickets: $12.00

    The Giving Tree Band is a rock & roll band from Yorkville, Illinois. They all live together, travel together and perform with a wide array of instruments from acoustic & electric guitars, slide guitars & banjos to violin, mandolin & pedal steel. Though the group uses an instrumentation largely associated with bluegrass and Americana, their sound often drums up comparisons to such classic rock icons as The Band, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and The Beatles.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Brian Kelly Brian Kelly says:

    Hi there,

    I’m passing on this urgent information with regards to the One Peoples Public Trust. Would you like to pass this on to your readers?

    For the 1st time in modern history, the entire world will have the opportunity to live in abundance and prosperity through the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) movement. The One Peoples Public Trust has freed humanity from the debt slave system. The banks and government profited from a casino economy that enslaved the world.

    A former international banking lawyer saw fraud everywhere. She followed the yellow/gold brick road back to the wizards, corrupt government corporations in bed with banks and the world’s powerful financial elite.

    In response, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, the former lawyer and fellow trustees, Caleb Paul Skinner, and Hollis Randall Hillner created The One People’s Public Trust.

    One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) foreclosed on all governments and banks, removed the financial elite’s power, returning all wealth and gold back to its rightful owners, the people.

    To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments.

    CVACs are a powerful system using mechanisms already put in place, paid for, and built by the people.

    Soaring OPPT Movement Lends Ear to Record Live Listenership

    The One People’s Public Trust followers flock to hear founders and faces of the organization on the radio. The movement is growing by leaps and bounds.

    OPPT had a record one million + live listeners worldwide on The Morning Brew Show Feb 13th. Here is the download link to the show:

    OPPT broke a second record with 190,000 live listeners on Freedom Reigns week of Feb 11th, up from 145,000 live listeners the previous week.

    More than 80 OPPT-related websites as of Feb 14th, listed here:

    A google search for “One People’s Public Trust” currently produces 33M results in .28 sec

    One Peoples Public Trust Press Release

    One Peoples Public Trust Courtesy Notice and Instructions

    Radio Credits:

    Morning Brew, with
    Brian Kelly of as recurring guest
    Wednesdays starting Feb 13, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Host Gwyn Caldwell invited OPPT back as special guests every Wednesday until this story becomes mainstream, achieving transparency and disclosure!

    Collective Imagination,
    Tuesday Evenings in the US, Wednesday Evenings in Australia
    Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, Santos Bonacci, D, Brian Kelly, and OPPT roundtable.

    Freedom Reigns on BlogTalkradio
    Monday Evenings in the US, Tuesday Evenings in Australia
    Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, D, Brian, AK, Lois Tucci, and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

    Surviving the Matrix on
    Host Max Igan OPPT podcast:

    Please contact Brian Kelly with any questions, or to schedule an interview.

    Contact: Brian Kelly
    Phone: (619) 709-2083

  3. Hello,

    I’m not sure how this works or whether it would be free but i want more people to know about my cat’s situation so that there is more exposure to the funraiser. The website has a lot of details regarding his situation. Please take some time to review it and let me know either way what your decision is. Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Corina Garden


  4. Hi All,

    I just wanted to send a quick email in regards to your “Weekly what to do” breakdown in the center section of the dig. The weekend of March 21-24, Parlor Sports will be holding down all the March Madness action with 9 tvs all on games, so that EVERY game will be televised – and we are also teaming up with Notch Brewing Company so sweet swag will be abound and the guys will be there hanging out with everyone. Any day would work for a promo – just wanted to throw some information your way. Please let me know if you need any additional information.



  5. Hello,

    Readers of Dig Boston might enjoy hearing a recent track by producer/composer Lucas Hausrath, a.k.a. Dr. Ian Malcolm: a remix of Jurassic Park created entirely with samples from the movie.

    Here’s the link to the video:

    Thank you for considering sharing this track with your readers! Feel free to contact me with any questions about the track, or about Lucas.

    With best wishes,
    Catherine Trumbore
    Public Relations, DGP Media

  6. Jonny Katz Jonny Katz says:


    My name is Jonny, (

    I’m writing this email because I’ve hosted the Boston Local Music Show for a year, worked at a record label in Cali, and still find my self waiting tables at a death trap of a restaurant. Every week, another dollar here and few write ups there, I do more write ups than dollars I bring in. While I don’t make much money, I find myself drawn towards any outlet that involves writing, like going to shows (bands), writing about the bands, writing and blogging about daily life in the rat city of Allston and anything else I cant keep down. I have been writing for about as long as Bukowski’s been drinking. Ok maybe not that long, but I have been doing write ups for the radio show, twice a week, with each write up covering 4-6 bands. I have about 50 write ups (each containing 4-5 bands, you can see them here:

    On top of those write ups I also do a lot of blogging, currently through my Tumblr. Music may be my passion and main focus of writing, I love to write about anything and everything, in fact I always read the Dig, Phoenix, the Noise, Boston Compass, and anything else that’s in reach.

    I have never made one dollar on any write up, the bands are quick to appreciate any kind of work you do for them so in that sense writing is a great reward. I wake up and work double shifts day after day at this restaurant. Taking shit from 50 yr old bro’s (yes bros with popped collars), stuck smiling to their face all the while feeling like Tyler Durdant, a willingness to piss in the chowder. I have yet to resort to any actions like that, only thoughts and with these thoughts I push myself to find a better place, in life, boston and in general. I always wanted to be in the music industry, starting with an internship at Surfdog Records in CA, and promoting/MGMT in Boston for 3 yrs.. I was quick to find out that the “Music Scene” is everything and anything, and I was left doing my own write ups, photos and videos. I may not be your average person seeking employment, but in a sense that may be my biggest advantage. I am looking to work any job at the Dig, while writing would be my number 1 priority, I absolutely willing to do “Charlie Work” as they say in always sunny. Basically, if given the opportunity to work for you, I would be one of the hardest workers to join the team.

    If your staff is full or for what ever reason you decide to not go with me, then at least I’ll know I tried and you’ll know there’s a server at a restaurant who dreams of something, anything, that provides a future. Thanks for your time, below are some write ups I wrote for bands on Unregular Radio and my blog “the Stoop.”

    Jonny Katz

    The Big Lonesome:


    Trophy Lungs:

    Bigga BIZZ:


  7. An Irishman An Irishman says:

    I was very distrubed by the events that occured over the past few days. Simply awful. However, I have to point out that in Northern Ireland there have been decades of the same sort of event that Boston has just experienced. It is simply terrible.
    A large amount of money was raised in Boston and the surrounding areas for the Irish cause. Some of this money was diverted to the wrong recipients. Be careful where you donate. The effects can be unexpected.
    Please take this message in the spirit in which it is intended.
    Be safe.
    An Irishman.

  8. Hey guys,

    I am a Boston native hip-hop artist looking to submit some of my recent music for Dig Boston to review. I have attached the Datpiff link to my first mixtape titled, “Going Back to College.” I also have some other music that didn’t necessarily make it on the mixtape posted on my Soundcloud account at:

    If you’d like, I could email some files to you if that makes things easier on your end.

    I appreciate the outlet that Dig Boston is creating for local artists and news and it would be great to hear your opinion about my work. I hope to hear from you guys soon.

    John Whoriskey

  9. Hey!

    Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to drop a line to send HiFadility’s newest EP, The Gateway, for a music submission. Check the deets after the jump!


    The Gateway
    HiFadility is pleased to present The Gateway. Representative of the portal a traveler passes through before a journey, the Gateway is an introduction to the laid-back vibe and direction of the The Traveler, HiFadility’s full length project slated to come out in early May.
    The Gateway symbolically opens a space for the traveler that allows for emotional movement. Evolving past older methods of production and thought processes, The Gateway sonically provides support for moving ideas and emotions. So, after you, lead the way in entering the gateway….

    About the Artist
    HiFadility is an urban intellectual, producer, and jazz pianist committed to hip-hop and reviving cultural inspiration. Philosophical thought and the sounds of his Quisqueya ancestry have an extreme impact on the way HiFadility hears and creates his self-composed cerebral beats. He is influenced by the likes of quintessential hip-hop producers Pete Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, and the jazz greats, Miles Davis, Theolonius Monk, and Duke Ellington.
    Using a combination of various harmonies and rhythmic patterns, HiFadility seeks a place among the greatest musicians. Creating a whimsical and laid back sound that touches the soul like J-Dilla’s , HiFadility’s chill instrumentals tell a story with imaginative process reminiscent of André 3000 and Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Stay tuned for his new upcoming LP, The Traveler in Early May.
    HiFadility is from nowhere as well as being a citizen of the world, follow for what is sure to be some dope fire @iamHiFadility.

    Social Media | @iamhifadility

    HiFadility is available for press, please let me know if you would like to chat with him and we can set something up.

    Maya Gaul

    MG PR

  10. Hey everyone. I am working on this Kindness for Boston project. It could turn into something really big if we get a lot of people into it. If you could, I’d appreciate it if you read the description provided on the event page on what this is about. It’s for a full day of kindness somewhere in Boston where we will all meet up. Please spread word with your friends and family and anyone who would like to become apart of this great thing!

    I live in Florida, which is why its hard to get this out. (I’m going to fly up there for this.) I had the idea after all of the bad events in Boston occurred. It only takes one caring person and one network to turn this into something big!! I believe it will make people smile. Thank you kindly.

  11. Let’s collaborate I would like to contribute. I had been trying to work with the Phoenix on something but they died. Who do I contact?

  12. Sydney Sydney says:

    The names Syd. I like movies and I like to write about them. I’m a third year film major at Massart. I know a lot about cinema and can bring new opinions to the website, that are necessary. I go to the cinema twice a week so I will always have content to write about. I specialize in horror, but of course my field of viewing branches off from that drastically because horror is nearly DEAD. If you are interested let me know if you would like some samples of my writing.

  13. Mike Gray Mike Gray says:


    Snow Arch Films Releases Truck-blazing New Web Series

    Minneapolis, MN, April 25, 2013 Ð Snow Arch Films, a film production company located in Minneapolis, MN, has debuted the first show in its original web series, Terry Tucker the Midnight Trucker, ÒCopacabana Dreams.Ó The series, shot whimsically on a green screen, follows Terry Tucker and the strange, mysterious and otherworldly hitchhikers he picks up on the open road.

    The shows will be available on the Snow Arch Films website [1] and the Midnight Trucker website [2] with subsequent episodes released every two to three weeks. A teaser for the series [3] was released April 9th.

    Snow Arch FilmsÕ team Chris Lange, Mike Gray and Chris Onderick shared directing and writing duties on the series. Minneapolis actors Matthew Roy played Terry, and David Coral played Ian. Metal artists Matt and Gretchen Carlyle created the truck itself, another central character in the show. Post-production was handled by Snow Arch Films, with an animated intro by Josh Stifter of Flush Studios.

    Each episode of Terry Tucker the Midnight Trucker focuses on a ride-a-long and the surreal and humorous conversations that Terry has with the people he picks up. Though comic in tone, the show also reveals TerryÕs humanistic desire to connect with the offbeat individuals he meets.

    About Snow Arch Films

    Snow Arch Films was formed by Mike Gray, Chris Lange, Chris Onderick and Steve Onderick in September of 2012 to create a unique brand of narrative and documentary cinema. The company is dedicated to partnering with vibrant local artistic communities to create its films.

    In addition to Terry Tucker the Midnight Trucker, Snow Arch Films is behind feature-length documentary Who is Vermin Supreme? directed by filmmaker Steve Onderick. The documentary chronicles the 2012 campaign and history of AmericaÕs most intriguing political candidate, firebrand-activist Vermin Supreme.

    The company also produces The James Spader Podcast, hosted by Mike Gray, Chris Onderick and Erik Pepple, which covers diverse topics, such as film distribution, remix culture, gender politics, genre, and changes in style, performance and media trends, all the while deconstructing SpaderÕs body of work.
    For more information visit

    Related Links:

    Press Contact:

    Snow Arch Films
    Mike Gray Ð Production Supervisor
    2308 Lyndale Ave. S., # 205
    Minneapolis, MN 55405
    (612) 642-1864


  14. Raina D. Leon Raina D. Leon says:

    I’m gearing up to do some PR for the following artists/album releases. All so great and all so different:

    Martin Harley (UK – Genre: Blues)

    Kut U Up (SoCal – Genre: Punk)

    Safety Orange (SoCal – Genre: Reggae/Rock)
    Royal Bliss (Midwest – Genre: Rock)
    Can we chat this week about submissions? 

  15. Alex Sokolow Alex Sokolow says:

    Dear Editor,

    Nuclear threats made by North Korea—followed by terrorism in Boston–demonstrate the need for a strong defense. If we let the national debt get to the point where all revenue is consumed by interest payments and entitlements, we will be at the mercy of such nations as North Korea and Iran, (maybe eventually China.) We will also be more vulnerable to terrorists getting nukes, as we would no longer have the deterrent of being able to trace such weapons to their country of origin. We must write to our elected officials about all this.

    We should urge them to stop deficit spending, and adopt budgets that will pay down the national debt and looming entitlement shortages. It would help if we sell rainforest owners the expertise for harvesting the rainforests much more profitably and sustainably (perhaps for a lease or share, at least for some term.) This is discussed at (For subsistence farmers, see And the need for firewood can be reduced by working with Solar Cookers International.)

    Sincerely, Alex Sokolow

  16. Mike Jacobs Mike Jacobs says:

    On The Cinder (punk band from buffalo, ny) will be playing O’Brien’s Pub June 24th with FORT!, the Cultured, and Ronald Vegan. Show is 21+, $7, music starts at 8pm. Check out On The Cinder at

  17. We invite you to spend your evening with some of the most talented musicians living, working and learning amongst us while we benefit and celebrate the success of the One Fund Boston! An unforgettable evening is prepared for you at the Hilton Boston Back Bay on Thursday, June 13th starting at 8:00pm.

    Join us and enjoy a cabaret of heart warming and inspirational music written for some of Broadways best musicals. Music includes songs written by Jason Robert Brown and Scott Alan; The Wheels of a Dream from Ragtime; I’m Here from The Color Purple; and I’ll cover You from Rent. This lineup is certainly a treat! Hear Our Music Inc. will also be auctioning off Red Sox Tickets, Improv Asylum tickets, Lyric Stage tickets, full body massages, A nights stay in the Narraganset Bay Borden Flat’s Lighthouse, and restaurant gift certificates from local favorites!

    This evening is not just for Musical Theatre fans! We have prepared something for everybody! We hope you will join us and enjoy the Hilton Boston Back Bay’s hospitality! Save $15.00! Get tickets now for only $15.00 using promotional code BOYLSTON! For more information and tickets visit http://www.HearOurMusic.Org!

  18. dylan dylan says:

    Hello, Dylan here from or
    I work at a store in Davis , we just got our pawn permit and start giving loans on July 1st , 2013. i was wondering if you could run a story on this. We have been at 233 elm st for over four years now. Here are some interesting facts about our place called La CHic BOutique, renamed to LBC pawn. you can call me directly at 617 821 62229.
    sorry for large font.
    collatarel loans at low rates
    basically people bring, gold silver, diamonds, jewlery, watches. coins, electronics to the store and we give them a loan up to 1/3 of resale value, give them 4 months to
    repay it with interest. No credit checks, no bad credit if not paid back, no attitudes, We think the community will be happy cuz they know we do random background checks, this is why thieves stay away,
    and we have morals, and believe in Karma and ethical profits.
    loans at 5% a month with a small 10% stocking/insurance fee, get cash same day loan in and out in less than 5 minutes,
    Owner Margaret,
    we have already been here for 4 years and decided that giving loans, or pawns to the community would be benificial to the community. It is not easy to go to a bank
    and get a $100.00 loan for the cable or light bill, you get to get your items back after paying small interest.
    The community knows we are not a fencing place for stolen goods.
    Davis square is the best place on earth, Cambridge and Somerville needed a pawn shop that is outside of Boston.
    Starting July 1st.
    EConomic times because of the recession has made people selling gold and sivler to us for the last four years we have been open,
    we pay highest in the state for gold and silver at 80% and we pay cash but, now people will be able to pawn or get a loan on
    an ipad, an engagement ring , or diamond ring and come pick it up
    we spent 15,000$ on upgrades or renovations to the store to make this happen.
    use this website please
    contact by text , people love the fact that we in 21st century giving quotes by text in advance to prove we don’t waste time on loans.
    233 elm st somerville ma 02144, park behind build, off red line train.
    thank you for your consideration.

  19. Journeys in Sound presents
    - an interactive contemporary music program with Cloud Ludum ensemble
    @ Touch Art Gallery
    281 Concord Ave.
    Cambridge, MA
    July 31, 2013
    7:30pm – 9:30pm

    This unique program will allow attendees to try out some fancy compositional techniques used by 20th-century composers by using apps accessible on their smartphones or tablets. The musical excerpts created by participating audience members will be developed into complete pieces performed by Cloud Ludum, a remarkably creative third stream ensemble based in Boston
    No prior experience is needed! Just bring your phone or tablet & headphones. Even if you’re without these modern devices, you’ll still be captivated by the projected visuals that will complement the music. Art puzzles will also be part of the event.

    Beside pieces composed in collaboration with the audience, the program will also feature works by such composers as Anton Webern, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Bela Bartok, and Alban Berg.

    Be part of a unique, fun, & creative experience!

    Suggested donation is $8, $5 for students & seniors
    for more info call 617-276-4536 or visit Journeysinsound on Facebook

  20. Matt Robinson Matt Robinson says:

    Dear Dig-ers:
    As it has been some time since I last contributed and as I am eager to do so again, I am sending you this stry pitch that will hopefully bring you new readers and maybe new revenue streams.
    On August 24, local lawyer and civil rights champion and international flugelhorn artist Lance Houston will launch and host the Fairmont JazzFest in cooperation with the Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel. The event will feature Houston’s acclaimed quartet as well as four or five other acts that are to be determined. This is a first-of-its-kind for the neighborhood, the hotel and also for the city in a larger sense in that it is a festival that is being created by an artist to help promote music in the city.
    I have been writing about Jazz and about Houston for many years and can get you this story in short order.
    Please let me know how long you want it and by when.
    Thank you.
    Matt Robinson

    Standard Intellectual Property / Copyright Disclaimer:

    The material and/or ideas contained or referred to in this email are the
    intellectual and/or material property of Matthew S. Robinson and are
    copyrighted by and to Mr. Robinson. Any unauthorized or inappropriate use or manipulation of same will be considered theft and/or fraud.

    c. 2013- M. S. Robinson, ARR

    Matthew S. Robinson MEd, MAT
    62 Brookline Street
    Needham, MA 02492

    Editor, AFT MA Advocate
    Managing Editor,

    Creator, “Matt Robinson’s Chef Chat” (restaurant features), “Curtain Call” (theatre), “Hey There!” (interviews), “The Listening Room” (music), “Under the Rock” (music industry profiles), “Venue Menu” (bar, club, restaurant profiles)
    (c. 1996- M.S. Robinson, ARR)

    Contributing editor/writer (1996-Present): AFT Advocate, Billboard, The Boston Globe, Business Traveler, The Forward, JazzUSA, JointMedia News Service, Luxury Web, MENC, Music Dish, Philanthropy Journal, and over 150 other international outlets


    Hey my name is Luke Milliano. I am from Cambridge MA. I am a artist/producer. today i dropped a 13 track set for free download via i would love it if you would take a listen and consider it for your blog. It would mean a lot to hardworking local artist like myself. look forward to hearing from you… have a blessed day i have included the link above.

  22. Moshe Briel Moshe Briel says:


    I have been trying for a long time to get at least some acknowledgement of BEAMS, a novel idea. I am asking that you take only ONE MINUTE of your valuable time to go to It may take another half a minute to let me know what you think.

    Please don’t let the first amendment freedoms be cast aside by sheer dismissal. I would very much appreciate your feedback to BEAMS, even though I may be just one of the little people of equally little consequence.

    Thank you very much!

    Moshe Briel
    1305 Arbor View Road
    Silver Spring MD 20902

  23. Daniel ie Dan the bagel man Daniel ie Dan the bagel man says:

    that is why vote 3rd parties for the Dems and Republirats do not get it. Yes the dems might be okay but they support a strong military that cuts funding for women’s healthcare options. they support US war abroad so if you are serious you must stop voting this so called two party system for it is not working. To be a healthy Democracies we need more parties to choose from other wise this two party system of the rich will take down the world in its greedy way and then where we be? when we destroy the planet there will be no need for this debate so yes you can keep on voting for the phony Democrats that put a vice president of Monsanto to top person of the EPA. A Democrat President who says he is against the Keystone pipeline but when you look at his portfolio his investments our in oil. And he got his friend Susan Rice who made millions of Canadian oil onto his cabinet saying he wanted her to diversify since she is African American. Is this what you want? i could go on what This Obama republican in any other clothing does but i hope you see the picture and say enough is enough no more less of two evils save the planet vote 3rd parties!

  24. run don’t walk away from this individual he is a thief and a liar who can’t hold a job who owes people $ all across the country.

  25. Moshe Briel Moshe Briel says:

    Congress has forgotten the long-term unemployed, in this latest compromise.

    But maybe this is all right – the latest jobs report has been so encouraging. The unemployment rate is down. New seasonal and part-time jobs have been added, and so the media are ecstatic. We’re on the right path!!! But are we REALLY?

    Ask one of the millions of the long-term unemployed who have been forgotten by Congress. Ask a veteran who has been looking for work for many months; or a recent college graduate looking to begin a career; or an experienced 50+ professional. Go ahead and ask the forsaken millions. WHAT DO THEY SAY?

    They do have a place to tell their story, in the IMO blog. It is available through the MosheBriel website (see below). This is a unique opportunity to connect with your reader audience, particularly with those who know someone who has been unemployed for a long time.

    I am interested in getting their story, as well as any feedback on how the long-term unemployment issue is addressed in BEAMS. I value your feedback, even if anonymous. Some say BEAMS is overly critical of the media and politicians, and if I have touched a nerve, I apologize.

    Your readers should have the opportunity to voice their feedback. Are they really encouraged by the latest job reports?


    Moshe Briel
    1305 Arbor View Road
    Silver Spring MD 20902
    301.801.1972 (This is a safe website, tested, trusted, tried, and true)

    PS: I am not worried about copyright issues, as my name “Moshe Briel” has been effectively coded in key places in BEAMS, to be disclosed in case of any dispute.



    DECEMBER 19, 2013




    “US” Unique Sound

    Celebrating Olasco Boston Birth Strong & All Sagittarius


    JHA D




    Media By: Mind To Lenz

    (Contact Melissa Green:


    $2 OFF (CODE ToyDrvie)- $10 or
    (The Home for little Wanderers)

    The Home for Little Wanderers provides a seamless continuum of vital programs and services for every stage of child and family development.

    Serving children and youth from birth to 22, The Home makes a positive impact on over 7,000 lives each year through a network of services including behavioral health, therapeutic residential and special education, adoption and foster care.

    Our mission is to ensure the healthy behavioral, emotional, social and educational development and physical well-being of children and families living in at-risk circumstances.

    Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge
    The Brewery Complex
    284 Amory Street – Jamaica Plain – MA -02130

    Media By: Mind To Lenz


    FMI 6172978179 |

    #Love #LiveMusic #Soul #Boston

  27. Alex alexmancini58 says:

    Come join us for the Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance opening for our January/February art exhibition, PLAY!

    When: Friday, Jan. 10th; 6 – 8 PM
    Where: The Male Center, 571 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA
    Price: FREE!

    Facebook event:
    Site event:

    PLAY is a group exhibition of works in the medium of illustration, dealing with interpretations of the word PLAY. This could range from childhood play to adult fantasy, from subversive challenges of the dominant norm to idealism and whimsy.

    To learn more about us please visit and also find us on Facebook under Boston LGBT Artist Alliance.

  28. Renee Renee says:

    Graffiti will take center stage when a new exhibit, Out of the Everywhere: Evolution of the Graffiti Artist, opens at the Mother Brook Arts & Community

    The exhibit includes work from 12 street artists, showcasing not just works of graffiti, but also work representing the artists’ evolution into other art forms. Works on display will include photographs, prints, paintings and wood pieces.

    Join us for an Opening Reception on August 15th from 7 to 9 p.m. Music will be provided by Sounds by Serge Gamesbourg, and refreshments from Whole Foods of Dedham. Complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks will be served.

    The show’s title comes from a favorite poem of curator Renee Johnson, written by George MacDonald. The first two lines are:

    “Where did you come from, baby dear?
    Out of the everywhere into here.”

    Johnson, a Dedham-resident and first-time curator, said the exhibit will shatter preconceived notions of graffiti as an art form.

    The show will run through October 18, 2014 at MBACC, 123 High Street in Dedham, MA. Viewing hours after the opening reception will be Wednesdays through Fridays, noon to 6 p.m. and Saturdays, 1 to 4 p.m.

    The artists included in the exhibit are:

    Percy Fortini Wright, Boston, MA
    Cedric Douglas, Quincy, MA
    David Taylor (DS7), Stoneham, MA
    Jason Talbot (SWAT), Boston, MA
    Rob Gibbs (ProBlak), Boston, MA
    Naldi Silva, Boston, MA
    MRNVR, Boston, MA
    Jamie O’Neill, Gloucester MA
    Joel Lewis, Boston, MA
    John Rodriques Brewer, Dorcester, MA
    Brian Life, Boston, MA
    Sean Flood, Boston, MA

  29. Knate M Knate M says:

    Check Out Roxbury’s own Grimey Gurt, he is a fairly new artist with a buzz coming out of the one of the roughest area’s in Boston. His project “Roxbury State of Mind” reflects the lifestyle of those living in the slums of the city. In Roxbury “Nobody Gave Us Anything …. We had to go Get Ours” check it out link below:

  30. I am teaching myself the movie review process. Do we have to submit a pitch before submitting a movie review? Also, do you all give press passes so I can watch movie media screenings and review them.

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