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CMJ 2010: The Photos


We came, we saw, we danced, we boozed, we traversed the Williamsburg Bridge and E. Houston Street about 912 times and we left our credit cards in dive bars across the Lower East Side. These photos are much more interesting as they actually pertain to what the CMJ Music Marathon is all about: the MUSIC. Photos from Beast of the Northeast after the clicky-clicky. Continue reading


CMJ 2010: Beasts, Bands, Brooklyn? Sure!


Apologies for the delays in posting CMJ coverage, but I promise that your resident audiophile has been up to plenty of antics while running around like a crazy person all over the Lower East Side (and Brooklyn!) since Thursday night. I’ve experienced the perks of CMJ (stumbling upon new bands; dancing all night to fantastic music I’ve recently discovered with friends from all over the place) and the pitfalls (the badge system is, erm, less than ideal, and one of our friends got hit by a cab last night?!), so let’s do a quick recap before I hydrate, shower, down approximately 6 shots of espresso and head across town for CMJ’s final day of showcases. Continue reading