Boston-based rhyme-lord Row Jones can literally just pick up some random crap on his desk and fashion it into a lyrical cruise-missile guided at the nearest sucka-MC. And when we say “literally,” we mean “this is something he has actually done and it is awesome.” His video, “Essential Tools,” starts with an off-the-cuff paean to how nifty it is to keep a bottle of Lysol handy and then somehow segues into a rather convincing argument regarding his superior vocabulariosity. Catch this hip-hop MacGuyver along with the rest of his crew, The Lingerers, over at Good Life. Try to avoid being told, if you can.

[Tue. 2.8.11. 28 Kingston St., Boston. 617.451.2622. 8:30pm/21+/free. goodlifebar.com]

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  1. raiseculture raiseculture says:

    luv it all ROW JONES…str8 4m PHILLY bigUP